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Author advice on pitching

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Ian Elliot works with companies to help them pitch. To him, the only reason you may lose out on a sale is because you were not good enough at pitching. A good pitch at the beginning is understanding the customer as mu...

Goal setting

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Tip: Have your goals written down on papper that you have in your office. Writing goals make them seem real. Brainstorm your goals, and be unique to offer something that no one else offers. The full version for thi...

Advice on growing a business

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The important thing at the end of the day is that you have to know your market. You need to manage your cash flow right, if not managed you can risk failure. Have good people around that can make your life easier. it ...

Creating your e-strategy

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Once you have finished your market research and worked out the effect a Web site will have on your business, you then need to plan its future. This means having a strategy for how you will create your Web site and wha...

Credit – How much and to whom?

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Trade credit is an almost inevitable part of business-to-business commerce. Whilst more business is a positive outcome from offering credit to the customers, it has a negative impact on a business' cash flow. Once ...

Customers buy more than your products

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When a business is bought out by another company, there are more changes to the business than just the owners. Even though the new organisation provides the same service at the same price, it will never be exactly ...

Dealing with angry customers

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By Customer Service Expert Shaun Belding How do you face down a fire-breathing dragon, a.k.a. the “customer from hell”? Shaun Belding tells you how to bravely handle irate and unreasonable customers. Your cust...

Dealing with difficult customers and complaints

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Every business has them. The guy who puts 10 leather jackets on hold and then does not buy any of them. Or the woman who phones every morning, insisting that the shop owes her money from her last purchase, even though...

Dealing with disputes

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Knowing where to turn for help when in the middle of a business dispute can be difficult. Problems arise every day between businesses, their customers, suppliers, partners, etc. Most of the time these are dealt with e...

Developing a sales department

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As a general rule, most businesses spend between five and 10 percent of sales on their sales force. Larger businesses often spend more. You will have two types of costs when it comes to your sales force: compensati...