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Adopting better stock buying practices

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Every shopper knows that sensible buying saves money. Unfortunately, not every business owner realises the importance of careful buying in keeping a business profitable. Look for settlement discounts, rebates, special...

Adopting stock purchasing and control procedures

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When buying stock there are two crucial components. Firstly, you must have a system in place so you are fully aware of the stock you need to replace and methods to predict when stock may diminish. Secondly, it is vita...

Business security procedures to adopt

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Securing your business does not have to be overly expensive. Firstly, you can start by making sure you have the basics. This includes installing deadlocks on all doors and windows. Even if someone breaks in through...

Calculating car parking fringe benefits

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Car parking provided by an employer to an employee (or associate) is subject to FBT. FBT applies to car parking where one of the following benefits is provided: a car parking fringe benefit; or an eligible car p...

Common insurance exclusions and clauses

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Flood damage exclusions It is important to remember that all insurance policies are unique and have different characteristics and exclusions. The following exclusions though, are common in most commercial insurance...

Copyright and licenses

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In essence, copyright is the protection applied to published and unpublished works in the literary, dramatic, musical or artistic arena. Copyright allows the creator to benefit financially from their work and to re...

Advice on starting up a franchise

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Getting involved with franchise is a great option for getting into business - just make sure you are well prepared by making sure you take on the right systems and processes. This is available as part of the Your B...

Sample Document Control Tab

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Document control is important for any business looking towards accreditation, be it in ISO9001, AS4801, Environmental Management ISO14001. You need to be able to prove that you have had policies in place and that your...

Why going online means reviewing your business procedures

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When taking your business online it's important to plan regular reviews to keep your finger on the business pulse. You would hate to have a money-making opportunity pass you by because you failed to see demand for you...