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What to consider when planning for future investments

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No matter how well you evaluate proposed capital investments, your investment decisions will be based on estimates about future net cash flows. As there is always an element of risk involved, you should also use on...

What are your financing options?

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At some stage, it becomes necessary for most growing businesses to borrow money to maintain business objectives. The type of loan you take out will depend on your personal circumstances. However, there are several ...

Using budgets and variances to control costs

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Do you have a budget – and what relationship was there between the previous year's budget predictions and last year's outcome? Drawing up a budget is often the best way of controlling or monitoring costs. You can use ...

The importance of managing your cash flow

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Cash flow planning is critical to the growth and survival of your business, because if your business does not have the necessary cash on hand when it is needed, it will almost certainly have to close down, no matter h...

Putting the right accounting and business systems in place

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Good financial management is the key to maximising profitability. And for that you need good accounting and business systems. Recording your financial transactions accurately becomes more of a challenge as you expa...

Options for financing long term assets

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When you are ready to expand your existing business, your greatest problem will probably be finding enough cash to satisfy your expansion agenda. The alternatives financing options available to you include: Using...

Managing your petty cash

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We do not yet have a completely cashless society. This is unfortunate for business owners, because managing petty cash is time consuming and often prone to error - out of all proportion to the amount of money involved...

Looking in the crystal ball – forecasting cash flow

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Having sufficient cash flow is essential to the survival of your business. Therefore, you also need to predict how much is coming in, from where and when. If your accounts are accurate and up-to-date, you can exami...

Keeping your books in order

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There are two reasons to keep records of your business: they're required by law, and they're useful to you as a manager. Records must be kept to work out the tax liabilities of your business. The records must be pe...

Keeping tabs on cash, cheques and credit

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Most small businesses have to deal with cash at some time or other. While people will often pay invoices with credit cards or cheques, there are still those who prefer cash. This can be difficult to keep tabs on. T...