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Are you ready to hire?

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Before you even think about hiring staff, you need to consider these questions: How will the extra person make your business more productive and profitable? What sort of "hidden" costs will be incurred, such as ...

Are your interviewing skills letting you down?

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It is not only a potential employee which needs to do his/her homework in order to perform successfully at a job interview. For business owners to conduct a thorough and effective hunt for a new employee, they too mus...

Assessing entertainment fringe benefits

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Entertainment provided to an employee (or associate) by an employer or a related party is subject to FBT. Entertainment of non-employee's (eg. clients) is not subject to FBT, but is most likely non-tax deductible. The...

Basic rules for letter writing

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Whether it be a personal letter or direct mail letter, it has to capture and hold attention, spell out your sales message simply and clearly, and be interesting and easy to read. Some basic rules to remember are: ...

Being persuasive

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Three ways to overcome resistance The key to persuading people isn't telling them what to think; it's asking them questions that reveal their reservations about your proposal. Here are three kinds of questions t...

Boosting customer confidence

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You can always tell when customers are watching their bank accounts more closely. They start to doubt you and need additional assurance that their money is being well spent. Here are several ways you can boost cust...

Business tips

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Looking for a few business ideas? Consider the following: Consider offering a special price or service to members of business groups you belong to. If you can get members to use what you offer, they'll be more like...

Success story of MYOB

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MYOB have experienced great success. By increasing the number of support staff, running training centres all around the world, and doing their best to make the software as is easy to use for their customers (lets face...

Recruitment success

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In business you need to add value to everything you do. Do not accept mediocrity. Encourage 2 way communication and develop good leadership. Consider things like group training organisations and interfacing with recru...

Advice on people management

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People can often to tasks as well as or better than the business owner. Ff you have the right people and are not getting what you want from them, this is because they do not know what is expected form them and their j...