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Assessing entertainment fringe benefits

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Entertainment provided to an employee (or associate) by an employer or a related party is subject to FBT. Entertainment of non-employee's (eg. clients) is not subject to FBT, but is most likely non-tax deductible. The...

How to research your potential customers

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Before you can start a business, you must conduct thorough research into the type of market you are likely to attract. If you have a good idea of the type of research tools available, you need to start focusing on ...

Success story of MYOB

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MYOB have experienced great success. By increasing the number of support staff, running training centres all around the world, and doing their best to make the software as is easy to use for their customers (lets face...

Do you have to pay your employees overtime?

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Awards or Agreements will usually stipulate that "ordinary hours" consists of a certain number of hours that can be worked on any one day and the "spread" of hours between which these ordinary hours can be worked if t...

Sample Document Control Tab

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Document control is important for any business looking towards accreditation, be it in ISO9001, AS4801, Environmental Management ISO14001. You need to be able to prove that you have had policies in place and that your...

How to sell to prospective customers

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Salespersons sell, and you hire a sales force to sell. But your ultimate task is rather different: to get people – customers - to buy. You must build a responsive program that will attract customers who will respon...

Advice on people management

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People can often to tasks as well as or better than the business owner. Ff you have the right people and are not getting what you want from them, this is because they do not know what is expected form them and their j...

Telemarketing – Handling rejection

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Don't take rejection too hard! At no time are you more likely to be rejected than when you try to sell something - especially if you're making cold calls. All the prospect has to do to get rid of you is hang up. Th...

Dealing with angry customers

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By Customer Service Expert Shaun Belding How do you face down a fire-breathing dragon, a.k.a. the “customer from hell”? Shaun Belding tells you how to bravely handle irate and unreasonable customers. Your cust...

Are you ready to hire?

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Before you even think about hiring staff, you need to consider these questions: How will the extra person make your business more productive and profitable? What sort of "hidden" costs will be incurred, such as ...