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Which advertising medium should you use?

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Using print media to advertise You have several options when it comes to using print media. There are newspapers, magazines, newsletter, the Yellow Pages, etc. To obtain more in-depth information about the various ...

Using electronic media to advertise

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The most important goal of a radio or television commercial is to get the audience's attention so that they can participate in the commercials. Good radio and television advertising uses simple, clear language. The...

The power of advertising

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Advertising is one of the more popular facets of a comprehensive marketing campaign. It provides a direct line of communication to your customers regarding your product. Advertising does the following: Makes custom...

Making the most of your business sign

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Your business sign is the most important contact between your business and much of the outside world. Usually it is the first thing a potential customer sees. Your sign should be sufficiently bright and conspicuous...

It’s an ad, ad world

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New types of ads — and new kinds of advertising companies — are popping up everywhere. Resistance is futile. Or so it seems, as ever more inventive advertising start-ups, seeking to make their messages stand out amids...

Is this a good time to advertise?

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January is often the biggest month of the year for education and information products. It is also the best month to promote a business opportunity or self-improvement program. February is good simply because it is ...

If your advertising isn’t working….check the product

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There have been good people who have poured a great deal of money into advertising products and services, only to come up empty handed. If you try good targeted advertising for a while and yet nothing sells, step b...

How much should you spend on advertising?

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Advertising is a necessary part of any business. However, to be effective it takes more than just putting ads in every state newspaper and hoping for the best. Often businesses spend too much money at the wrong time, ...

How customer understanding will help your sales

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When you are are "cold" selling or feeling out prospects prior to meeting, making a sale can be difficult. Often, the difference between whether you make a sale or not comes down to the rapport you establish with the ...

How can small businesses get the most from their advertising dollar?

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For most small businesses, big advertising campaigns are just too expensive. On the whole they are usually used by large organisations, and aimed at a very large market. Small businesses, by nature, have a small ma...