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How to choose a Web developer

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Hiring a Web developer to build your site is possibly your most expensive option, at least in the short term, depending on your site and the time it will take to build. However, it does have the advantage of freeing y...

How to collect on your debts

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Collecting unpaid accounts Chasing unpaid accounts is very important in managing credit effectively. It is a skill you must master if your business is to survive financially. To begin with, you should try to min...

How to conduct industry research

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If you want an accurate picture of the industry you're competing in, you need to do some general research. Do not confuse this research with researching your target market, or even your fellow competitors. If your ...

How to create a captivating headline

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A headline captures the reader's attention and provides a compelling reason to read whatever follows. The headline is the most important part of any ad or sales letter. It determines whether or not people will read...

How to create a marketing campaign

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Put simply, marketing is any activity that gains the attention of prospective customers in order to secure new business. Your marketing efforts will be one of the major catalysts for the success of your business. A so...

How to create effective advertisements

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Once you have chosen where you are going to advertise and the medium you will use, you can then tailor your advertisement to suit the medium and costs, and develop an advertising campaign. If your budget is large enou...

How to deal with tough customers

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You've heard the old adage "The customer is always right." Well, you also know there's an exception to every rule. Like when a customer refuses to pay his bill, demands a full refund for merchandise he damaged, mak...

How to design a print ad

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Got a display ad coming up in the local paper? Distributing flyers in your area? Are you including a promo sheet in this month’s invoices to customers? Here is a simple and effective way to lay out a print ad. S...

How to develop a contingency plan

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Imagine coming to work one morning to find some parts of your business or equipment destroyed by fire. This could have serious if not catastrophic consequences. Many people don't realise, for example, that the ongo...