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Are dirty windows smearing your business image?

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Peeling paint, overflowing rubbish bins, dirty windows or faulty fluorescent lights – could they be holding you back when it comes to customer interest? If you are worried you're not attracting enough customers the...

Are there limitations on the use of the Q&A Service?

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This is a new service and as such, limitations may apply to the number of questions which can be asked, due demand. To make sure we are able to respond quickly and accurately to your questions, we need to ensure that ...

Are you ready for the business challenge

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Why be your own boss? Many entrants to business start off with very general goals and aspirations: "I wanted to be my own boss" "I was tired of taking orders from someone else" "I want the freedom to do my...

Are you ready to run a franchise?

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There’s an old proverb that states, “Businesses don’t fail, people do.” Sure, businesses are affected by strategies employed by competitors, market saturation, etc., but the ability to plan and adjust to market condit...

Are your interviewing skills letting you down?

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It is not only a potential employee which needs to do his/her homework in order to perform successfully at a job interview. For business owners to conduct a thorough and effective hunt for a new employee, they too mus...

Assessing entertainment fringe benefits

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Entertainment provided to an employee (or associate) by an employer or a related party is subject to FBT. Entertainment of non-employee's (eg. clients) is not subject to FBT, but is most likely non-tax deductible. The...

Assume nothing in business!

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If there is any single secret formula to being successful in business - it is simply this - Assume nothing and ask lots of questions. This simple formula has made all the difference to many successful business owne...

Attainable New Year’s resolutions – really!

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New Year’s resolutions about losing weight or organising the garage may not last more than a few weeks, but it’s possible to start the year with plans for your business that will persist for a full 12 months - or even...

Avoiding Web site suicide

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No matter how much Web site information is out there, there are still people who randomly create sites which look pretty but do nothing or even worse, have valuable information but look so bad or are so slow to load t...

Balancing business with retirement

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Business owners know only too well the stresses associated with the day-to-day running of a small business. Small business owners may decide to sell or leave their business for various reasons. For instance, retiremen...