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The different types of franchises

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As franchising has grown, its personality has evolved but its essential structure and purpose have stayed intact. Primarily, franchising fills the gap between two business parties, allowing them to maintain a relat...

The do’s and don’ts of becoming a franchisee

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Franchising can provide a satisfactory entry into business for many people. You should be copying an already successful and proven formula with training, advice and marketing provided by the franchisor. However, ke...

The drawbacks of being online

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The online world is not for everyone. In the rush to take advantage of the Internet, many businesses fail to take into account that like any start-up company, starting a Web site can have its drawbacks. In the most ex...

The importance of a business plan

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Why do you need a business plan? A business plan is a blueprint for maintaining or expanding a business. It can be a summary of an existing store or a method of setting down goals and strategies for improvement or ...

The importance of customer service

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What exactly is Customer Service? If you had to allocate it as a separate expense in your financials, would you include it under Marketing, perhaps Advertising or even as an item in your Trading Account under Cost of ...

The importance of managing your cash flow

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Cash flow planning is critical to the growth and survival of your business, because if your business does not have the necessary cash on hand when it is needed, it will almost certainly have to close down, no matter h...

The power of advertising

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Advertising is one of the more popular facets of a comprehensive marketing campaign. It provides a direct line of communication to your customers regarding your product. Advertising does the following: Makes custom...

The power of testimonials

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Testimonials from satisfied customers will show how your business can do a better job than your competitor when it comes to customer satisfaction. Testimonials and statements from real people are powerful. Show the...

Tips for creating a contingency plan

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Developing a plan for your death or disability Nobody wants to believe their business could be the target of an arson attack, vandalism, theft or even a fraudulent staff member. Even more alarming is considering ho...