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Why going online means reviewing your business procedures

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When taking your business online it's important to plan regular reviews to keep your finger on the business pulse. You would hate to have a money-making opportunity pass you by because you failed to see demand for you...

Advertising vs. Sales Sheet

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In order to track the effectiveness of your chosen advertising campaign, you will need to compare your monthly costs against your monthly sales history. This will not only tell you whether you are experiencing a rise ...

Combine marketing weapons

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  The trouble with marketing is that there is no one, easy solution to solve your promotional needs. Direct mail doesn’t work on its own, nor does telemarketing. Free seminars to hot prospects don’t work. A...

Evaluating your financial situation

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The amount of money it takes to transform an idea into a business depends on factors ranging from the nature of the product or service to the aptitude of the businessperson. Traditionally, it has been hard for small v...

How will you finance your expansion?

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When you are ready to expand your business, your greatest problem will probably be finding enough cash to upgrade existing equipment, or to buy additional equipment. The alternatives available to you include: U...

Mixing business with pleasure

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Mixing work with family life has its pluses and its setbacks. It is important that you can identify both and put measures in place to ease the impact working from home may have on the rest of the household. The fol...

What research do you need to do?

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Before you can begin any type of major investment, whether it is starting a new business or to expand an existing business, you will need to undertake market research, otherwise you run the risk of losing your investm...

Avoiding Web site suicide

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No matter how much Web site information is out there, there are still people who randomly create sites which look pretty but do nothing or even worse, have valuable information but look so bad or are so slow to load t...