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Experience the joy of bookkeeping

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Starting a small business is more than having a light bulb moment where you see yourself as your own boss, working when you like, with whom you like, and selling what you like. It's also more than coming up with a cat...

Evaluating your financial situation

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The amount of money it takes to transform an idea into a business depends on factors ranging from the nature of the product or service to the aptitude of the businessperson. Traditionally, it has been hard for small v...

Enthusiasm – your #1 marketing tool

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Customers respond to enthusiasm Did you know the Ancient Greeks thought enthusiasm was a gift from the gods? It is worth remembering, especially when watching successful business people at work. The best are always...

Employees – Finding the perfect match

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Tired of piles of resumes and endless interviews? Learn to pick the right person for the job in 60 seconds. Looking for the right employee is sometimes like running a dating service - you’re constantly on the looko...

Embrace practical optimism

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Live better with optimism Research shows that optimists reach goals faster than pessimists and make their own luck.   Adopt a more positive attitude with these tips:   Learn from setbacks. Ma...

Effective promotional strategies to market your business

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Promotional material comes in various forms and can be an effective and inexpensive means of marketing your business. Promotional tools include: Flyers and brochures Direct mail Business cards Customer te...

Effective management of costs and costing systems

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It is important that your business keeps an effective costing system to ensure your prices (and cost management) are accurate. Even simple records can make your costing system more efficient and easy to run. Your c...

Don’t get confused with spam

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Most of us who are in business get a ton of spam. It’s not unusual to get up to 100 unsolicited e-mails a day... and that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what many people receive. Many people try to limit the nu...

Do you need to be online?

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Before making any decisions on whether to build a Web site or not, you have to define the difference between need and want. If you just fancy the idea of launching your business into cyberspace, just ask yourself if y...

Do you have what it takes?

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Many small business owners are often intimidated by the thought of putting their businesses online. Others just quickly throw a site together just so they can say they "have a Web site" and then do nothing with it. In...