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Are you ready for the business challenge

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Why be your own boss? Many entrants to business start off with very general goals and aspirations: "I wanted to be my own boss" "I was tired of taking orders from someone else" "I want the freedom to do my...

Are there limitations on the use of the Q&A Service?

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This is a new service and as such, limitations may apply to the number of questions which can be asked, due demand. To make sure we are able to respond quickly and accurately to your questions, we need to ensure that ...

Are dirty windows smearing your business image?

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Peeling paint, overflowing rubbish bins, dirty windows or faulty fluorescent lights – could they be holding you back when it comes to customer interest? If you are worried you're not attracting enough customers the...

Analysing your advertising strategy

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Most businesses find that a major proportion of their marketing budget is allocated to advertising. Their main aim is to get the customer into their business in order to make money out of them. What you will learn ...

Advertising with flyers and brochures

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Flyers, mailers, and brochures are affordable and selective means of getting information to a selected audience. They offer you more flexibility in budgeting and greater selectivity in choosing prospects than other ki...

Advertising vs. Sales Sheet

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In order to track the effectiveness of your chosen advertising campaign, you will need to compare your monthly costs against your monthly sales history. This will not only tell you whether you are experiencing a rise ...

Advertising and setting a marketing budget

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No matter how short your advertising message is, even if it is just one line, include a benefit. Give people a reason to contact you, email you, or drop by your shop. Nobody does anything without getting something...

Advertising Analysis Sheet

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In order to promote your business effectively, you will need to advertise and choose the appropriate method for your business, such as newspapers, radio, TV etc. However, you should also ensure that the advertising yo...

10-30-60 marketing rule

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People often want to know how much they should spend on marketing. There is no standard answer, but there are some good rules of thumb you can use. The 10-30-60 Marketing Rule says to spend 10 per cent of your adve...

Business Start-Up Cash Needs Form

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Before you can start your new business, you will need to know how much cash you will need onhand to pay the initial start-up costs. This form not only gives you an idea of what you need to consider but also allows you...