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What to do in the event of an accident or incident

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  Accidents happen when you least expect them. That is why they are called "accidents" and there will always be a criminal element in society who believe the easiest way to obtain the goods they want is merely...

What to consider when setting up sales alliances

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  There are other options available when it comes to selling your product/service in addition to extra sales staff. One is to set-up "sales alliances". If you are wanting to boost your sales and don’t feel ...

What to consider when planning for future investments

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No matter how well you evaluate proposed capital investments, your investment decisions will be based on estimates about future net cash flows. As there is always an element of risk involved, you should also use on...

What to consider when hiring family or friends

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It is tempting when you first start your business to use family members as "staff" rather than go to the cost of employing "outside" help. You know the person you are working with and if that person is also an owner, ...

What to consider when creating direct marketing copy

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What you say and how you say it when it comes to copy for your direct mail material will either make or break your campaign. A direct mail campaign should persuade the prospective customer to act. The success of yo...

What to consider when choosing a lawyer

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Most small business owners may only need to consult a lawyer a couple of times in their business life. However, when these times arrive, it is important to go to the lawyer who is best suited to your needs. Choosin...

What to consider when choosing a contractor

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Should you hire a contractor or are you better off employing a staff member? Depending on your circumstances, you could be better off hiring a contractor for a particular job rather than employing a staff member. A...

What to consider when buying a franchise

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Buying a franchise should be undertaken with the same care and diligence that you would undertake with any business decision. However, the information you require when buying a franchise differs significantly from oth...

What to consider when assessing commercial locations

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There are a number of location options to consider when choosing a site for your new business. A good place to start is deciding what shopping "atmosphere" will best suit your business. Here we have listed a number...

What to consider before employing new staff

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  The real business of your business is people. Without excellent staff you will not attract and keep loyal customers. How many times have you, yourself, been put off a business by poor customer service? This ...