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Analysing your advertising strategy

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Most businesses find that a major proportion of their marketing budget is allocated to advertising. Their main aim is to get the customer into their business in order to make money out of them. What you will learn ...

Countdown to New Year’s strategies

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Today’s environment is uncertain. No-one really knows to what extent recent world events will impact our economy and for how long. Whilst you may not be able to change the economic environment, we can help ensure t...

Effective management of costs and costing systems

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It is important that your business keeps an effective costing system to ensure your prices (and cost management) are accurate. Even simple records can make your costing system more efficient and easy to run. Your c...

Improving your business the benchmarking way

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All business owners would like to make lots of money, and be very successful. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all by itself. Like so many other worthwhile things in life, it usually takes hard work. Switched-on ...

How to develop business strategies through benchmarking

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Having analysed your business and compared it against others, you are now ready to look at strategies for improvement. Before you put in place any changes to your business it is important to make sure that these ar...

The importance of a business plan

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Why do you need a business plan? A business plan is a blueprint for maintaining or expanding a business. It can be a summary of an existing store or a method of setting down goals and strategies for improvement or ...

Using benchmarking to create a strategic plan

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Creating a strategic plan for your business is often the hardest part of drawing up your business plan, but the discipline of doing so will give you a greater understanding into your business. Your plan should be s...