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How customer understanding will help your sales

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When you are are "cold" selling or feeling out prospects prior to meeting, making a sale can be difficult. Often, the difference between whether you make a sale or not comes down to the rapport you establish with the ...

How to analyse your customers

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A key marketing issue is getting to know your customers and being able to identify your target market. You cannot market effectively unless you know your customers. You should already have a customer base and have ...

How to praise your customers

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Praise can do wonders Expressing sincere admiration can win over all types of customers. Take these steps to pour on the praise: Commit to giving compliments each day. Example: If you're going to meet with custo...

How to reach new and old customers

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Encouraging already established clients to use the online arm of your business can be tricky. It is important not to alienate them by forcing them to use the Internet to access your business information or buy product...

It’s a price war!

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"But the other guys charge a lower price?" There is a lot of competition undercutting your prices these days. The number of retail stores is at an all-time high. On the Internet there is always someone willing to d...

Winning back your customers

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At one time or another, we've all felt that we would rather not do business again with a particular company or company representative. Truth is, many businesses experience customer attrition that seriously affects ...

Managing Customers

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Advice on customer satisfaction, compensation plan and relationship building with customers.