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Boosting customer confidence

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You can always tell when customers are watching their bank accounts more closely. They start to doubt you and need additional assurance that their money is being well spent. Here are several ways you can boost cust...

Dealing with angry customers

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By Customer Service Expert Shaun Belding How do you face down a fire-breathing dragon, a.k.a. the “customer from hell”? Shaun Belding tells you how to bravely handle irate and unreasonable customers. Your cust...

Dealing with difficult customers and complaints

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Every business has them. The guy who puts 10 leather jackets on hold and then does not buy any of them. Or the woman who phones every morning, insisting that the shop owes her money from her last purchase, even though...

How to identify your online customers

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Although you already know your existing offline customers, you can never assume that your "new" online customers will have the same needs or wants as your traditional customer base. The online customer can be a cha...

How to reach new and old customers

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Encouraging already established clients to use the online arm of your business can be tricky. It is important not to alienate them by forcing them to use the Internet to access your business information or buy product...

How to serve your customers

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Customer service is more than just asking how your customers are and if you can help them with anything. It also involves the protocols and processes you will put in place to make sure your customers are satisfied whe...

Keeping your customers

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Rethink the customer service department Everybody in the company should be concerned about customers. Without customers there would be no jobs and no money. Be careful about having a customer service department....

Making the sale

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Defining the needs of a prospect and clearly detailing the features or functions of your product or service that meet those needs are crucial to making the sale. Still, when making your sales pitch, you will most like...

The importance of customer service

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What exactly is Customer Service? If you had to allocate it as a separate expense in your financials, would you include it under Marketing, perhaps Advertising or even as an item in your Trading Account under Cost of ...

Advice on logging customer service issues

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Customer service is everyone's business.