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80-20 rule of customer buying

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There is an old rule in business that predicts 80 per cent of your sales will come from just 20 per cent of your customers. This is largely true. Typically, you get the lion's share of your sales from people who ju...

How to praise your customers

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Praise can do wonders Expressing sincere admiration can win over all types of customers. Take these steps to pour on the praise: Commit to giving compliments each day. Example: If you're going to meet with custo...

Into the minds of customers

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Good salespeople relate to prospects as people with wants and needs, not just as potential buyers. There are some universal truths in human endeavour. One of them is that we all want to look good and another is we all...

What makes a good customer?

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We all know that the "customer is always right" but few business owners realise that there are customers that are just wrong. They are wrong because, believe it or not, they can actually harm your business while doing...

What not to say to customers

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Five things you and your employees should never say to a customer: "It's been so crazy/busy around here." Often used as an excuse for a delay or mistake, it may leave your customers wondering whether you're too bus...

Winning back your customers

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At one time or another, we've all felt that we would rather not do business again with a particular company or company representative. Truth is, many businesses experience customer attrition that seriously affects ...