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Can you make money from e-commerce?

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One question that is often asked is “can I make money from e-commerce?” In a word, “Yes”. Of course you can, otherwise why would so many e-tailers be springing up at such a rapid rate? However, the amount of money ...

The drawbacks of being online

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The online world is not for everyone. In the rush to take advantage of the Internet, many businesses fail to take into account that like any start-up company, starting a Web site can have its drawbacks. In the most ex...

What customers do and don’t want

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It is difficult to say what customers want because they are all individuals, but what you can find out is what they expect. There is always a certain level of service a customer will expect. Their expectations are ...

What will e-commerce do for your business?

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Long after you have closed up for the day at your "bricks and mortar" premises, your online business will still be there, canvassing potential customers and making sales. It is your 24-hour, seven-days-a-week selling ...

Why dotcoms bomb

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You may have heard talk about dotcom bombs and how the bottom fell out of the e-commerce industry. It is true, many companies were burnt early when e-commerce zoomed onto the Internet. However, those failed dotcom com...