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Attainable New Year’s resolutions – really!

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New Year’s resolutions about losing weight or organising the garage may not last more than a few weeks, but it’s possible to start the year with plans for your business that will persist for a full 12 months - or even...

Creating goals and following them

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  Don’t waste time on empty wishes for your business. Get in the game and make it happen. Are you whining because things aren’t happening or working to transform your dreams into reality? Consider these que...

Advice on people management

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People can often to tasks as well as or better than the business owner. Ff you have the right people and are not getting what you want from them, this is because they do not know what is expected form them and their j...

Turn your 60 page business plan into a one page document

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Doubling a business is a realistic goal and planning is useful for this process. For each area of the business brake down the plan into a simple one page plan.  

If a question has to be asked write a set of procedures

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Developing a company vision and clear goals will take the business forward.Having a system in place retains all information incase a key staff member moves on from the company.    

advice on high-level goals and strategies

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The key is getting the business model right and then roll it out with the people that are going to drive the business.

Advice on Success Factors-Strategic Goals

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Advice on Success Factors-Strategic Goals

Business advice on plans

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This video covers the topics of business plans, objectives, goals and targets.

Business Goals

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