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Do you have what it takes?

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Many small business owners are often intimidated by the thought of putting their businesses online. Others just quickly throw a site together just so they can say they "have a Web site" and then do nothing with it. In...

Do you need to be online?

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Before making any decisions on whether to build a Web site or not, you have to define the difference between need and want. If you just fancy the idea of launching your business into cyberspace, just ask yourself if y...

How do you choose what type of store to build?

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Believe it or not, the first thing you must do when creating an online store is decide what exactly you are going to sell. The products you are currently selling, and the amount, will help you determine the type of co...

How to raise finances and budget for your Web site

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As with any new business venture, if you do not already have sufficient capital to make the changes you will need to find the money. Money can be raised through various means, such as borrowing from family and frie...

How will going online affect your business?

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Any major change to your business impacts on its operation. As going online is basically an expansion of your business, you must plan for it and determine how it will effect your existing business' day-to-day operatio...

The drawbacks of being online

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The online world is not for everyone. In the rush to take advantage of the Internet, many businesses fail to take into account that like any start-up company, starting a Web site can have its drawbacks. In the most ex...

What factors do you need to consider when going online?

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Because going online means you will be working in an unfamiliar environment and with new customers, you have to work out what changes and adjustments you will need to make to your business operations. Assessing eve...

What will e-commerce do for your business?

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Long after you have closed up for the day at your "bricks and mortar" premises, your online business will still be there, canvassing potential customers and making sales. It is your 24-hour, seven-days-a-week selling ...

What you should know about Web sites

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To read some of the Internet literature, setting up your own Web site is an easy as picking up your dry cleaning. Unfortunately, that is also why so many online businesses fail to succeed. It takes planning and hard w...

Why you should be online

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The top reasons for being online There are a number of reasons why a Web site could benefit your company. Not every one will be applicable to your business, but very few companies will not benefit from an Internet ...