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Exit Planning Quiz

This quiz will give you a score out of 100 on how attractive your business is to a potential purchaser.


It will also include some tips and suggestions on improving the value of your business. Contact your Business Advisor or enter your details into the contact ares on this page..

List of Topics in this Ebook

Why Prepare Exit Plans

Why would you prepare an “Exit, Succession or Business Owner Retirement” Strategic Plan for your business.


No matter how much you enjoy working in your business, inevitably there will come a time when you will need to retire or sell your business.

A business owner can retire in several ways. Each has implications, not only for you as the owner, but for the business and the business adviser.


An Exit & Succession plan will help you to consider a variety of different options before you make the final decision.

Exit Planning-Business Goals

You pick up the phone and someone says they are interested in your business and would like to make an offer – what do you do next? …

Exit & Succession Planning

Exit Planning refers to the process of helping the business owner(s) leave or exit the business and ensures that a successful transition of ownership will transpire in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

The goal in most cases is to maximise the financial returns to the business owner, however in cases of family succession this may be secondary.

Exit Planning-Personal Goals

No one likes an unflattering photo of themselves – and a business is no different.

It is one thing to have a set of financial reports ready to show a potential buyer, but do they highlight the best features of your business? ….

Improving Attractiveness

Buyers look for a return on their money. The higher the perceived return on investment the more attractive the business, and of course the more attractive the business the more buyers are prepared to pay.



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