Health and Safety Topics

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OH&S Review Process

Step 1: Identify Risk & Hazards

Step 2: Risk Assessment

Step 3: Risk Assessment Control

Step 4: Undertaking Moitoring & Review

Occupational Health & Safety Planning


An Occupational Health and Safety plan is an organised policies and procedures system for identifying potential workplace hazards and exposure to harmful substances and situations. It also incorporates the training of staff personnel in emergency preparedness, use of correct protective clothing and equipment and accident prevention and response.


Once these factors are clearly identified the risk can be considerably reduced using an up-to-date OH&S Plan.

What is a Risk? What is a Hazard?


Risk is the possibility of injury, illness, damage or loss occurring as a result of a hazard. The following table gives examples of risks arising from a hazard.



Risk Management


How do you manage safety risks at your workplace?

Key steps in risk management


Identify the risks.

Assess the risks.

Control the risks.

Monitor and review the process.


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SWMS Template

Would you like a Safety Work Method Statement (SWMS)?.


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