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HR Suite

HR Policies & Procedures
Software that creates an instant employee manual

Based on the latest HR laws

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Regularly updated to the latest legislation. MAUS HR Policies is a software Program that is based on the latest Australian HR legislation including the FairWork Act and could protect you and your business from expensive unnecessary litigation.30day Write an instant employee handbook or manual with sample pre-writtent HR policies.

MAUS HR Policies software is designed to help companies develop their own employee manual and HR handbook which incorporates all their policies, procedures and forms. This simple to use software will turn an arduous, time consuming activity in to an eye opening experience. The result - your company's own employee manual, specifically customised to suit your requirements.

Do you have clear company policies and procedures regarding the following?

Letter of Employment, Maternity Leave, Superannuation, Conflict of Interest, Long Service Leave, Sick Leave, Sexual Harassment, Accident, Health & Safety, Employee Termination, Annual Leave or Performance Review? If not, you should! HR Policies has almost 100 policies, procedures and forms with an option to add more and customise them for your own business and industry.

Simple Step-by-Step approach of MAUS HR Policies will save you 50-90% of the time in writing an effective up to date employee manual.

MAUS HR Policies Software will help you develop a comprehensive, plain English, Employee manual & HR handbook - specifically for your business. The simple question and answer format will prompt you step-by-step through the whole process. And guess what, you don't even have to be a legal genius to understand this simple process!

MAUS HR Policies software comes complete with sample policies that you can use, in addition to all the important forms you may need. There are no copyright fees, so your company can have several different versions of their own HR Policies, without paying any royalties or licensing fees. This is ideal where you have offices in different states that are required to follow the same policies and procedures.

To update your HR Policies, simply open the document that needs changing and you can make the appropriate changes without having to retype the entire document! The flexibility of the software provides the user with full customisation options. This flexibility also allows the end product to be published in hardcopy, over the network or on the Intranet.

Features of the software include version control, automatic emails to your staff, auto numbering and formatting as well as instant publishing to the web.

MAUS HR Policies - employee manual creator, includes the following policies, procedures, forms...and more:

  • Employment Conditions
  • Overtime Policy
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Wages & Salary
  • Sickness Benefits
  • Annual Leave
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Parental Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Anti-Discrimination
  • Termination

How does the MAUS HR Policies software work?

  • Start with the simple Question & Answer format approach.
  • Customise the policies & procedures to suit your own organisation.
  • Edit the forms to suit your company's requirements.
  • Preview your HR Policies and make the final changes.
  • Publish & distribute your own HR Policies in hard copy, on your network or on your Intranet. It's that fast. It's that easy.

Key Benefits of MAUS HR Policies software:

  • Help fulfill your legal obligations.
  • Develop your own customised HR Policies.
  • A Step-by-step Question & Answer format.
  • Help protect your organisation from unfair dismissal claims.
  • Can be customised to suit your business or industry.
  • No expensive consulting, royalty, or commission fees.
  • Improve productivity and motivation amongst all employees.

At the click of a button, the MAUS HR Policies software will provide your company with:

  • The ability to develop unlimited policies and procedures.
  • The ability to publish your HR Policies in hardcopy, on the network or on your Intranet.
  • Documentation that may help protect your business against legal action such as unfair dismissal claims and sexual harassment cases.
  • Your own customised HR policies including procedures and forms.
  • Sample forms ready to use at your finger tips.
  • Protect your company the smart way!

What are the benefits for your business?

MAUS HR Policies will provide you with a tool to develop your own fully customised HR policies. By developing this manual, your company will be meeting many of its legal obligations as well as helping protect itself from legal action such as unfair dismissal claims and sexual harassment cases. Productivity will improve overnight as employees will have more direction and assume responsibility for their roles. This software will allow you to develop an Employee Manual that will provide your business with a means of communication and reference for all employees. Give your customers another reason to be impressed by your professionalism!

Who should use MAUS HR Policies?

Companies that wish to fulfill their legal obligations to their employees, and their business whilst at the same time helping protect their business from possible legal action. Organisations of all sizes and industry should develop HR policies. HR Policies l doesn't require an experienced HR professional with a legal background to use. The only requirements are common sense and an open mind. Once the HR policies are developed, it should be made accessible to each and every employee.

free trial
FREE Evaluation. Try a FREE limited feature version of HR Policies for 30 days.
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30 Day Purchase trial.
Get your copy of HR Policies within 10 minutes! It's risk free with the MAUS 30 days satisfaction guarantee.

HR Policies Professional

Professional Edition is ideal for Business Owners who need to create only one Employee Manual. Includes One Manual, over 70 Sample Policies, Export to Word, PDF & HTML.

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Price: $499

HR Policies Professional GOLD

Professional Gold Edition is ideal for any business that needs to create one or more Employee Manuals with version control and history audit trails. Plus all the features of the professional edition.

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Price: $699

HR Policies Enterprise

Enterprise Edition is ideal for Managers who need to create multiple manuals. Includes One Manual, over 70 Sample Policies, Export to Word, PDF & HTML.

This version includes export import functionality which is great for multiple staff authoring purposes. It allows installation on server with multiple users. It also has a feature to automatically email staff the policies once they are created.

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Price: $999

HR Policies Consultants

Consultants Edition is ideal for Consultants or Business Advisors who produce and on sell the final manual. Includes Unlimited Employee Manuals, over 70 Sample Policies, Export to Word, PDF & HTML. You will also receive a License that gives you the Copyrights to Legally use the software as a Consultant. Includes advanced client features, automatic generation of client questionnaires and more.

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Price: $1999