How do consultants win new clients?

Introducing … The easiest, fastest way to win new clients.

The MAUS Marketing & Lead generation pack will provide your practice with an instant boost.

Spend 10 minutes preparing a report that could lead to a client for life. We have created a number of client teasers and resources that are designed to make you look as if you have spent years developing consulting material. These teasers include systems check-lists, exit and succession planning,, marketing, HR and even workplace health and safety.

This is a web based marketing platform which contains numerous tools for lead generation and building your credibility Perfect for any advisor serious about building their business.

Engage new clients quickly and easily…

Buy the MAUS marketing & lead generation kit and get your business off the ground.

Target new prospects and turn them into clients

We create a web page and place your picture on it. you then choose the content that you want your prospect to view.

It is simple to use. We configure all the backend. You can then send enticing lead generation emails or web links to prospects.

  • Create powerful interactive dynamics at seminars,
  • Create enticing and powerful emails,
  • Use to build accountability with referral groups or
  • Provide as a value add to existing clients and cross sell to other services.
  • Instant credibility helps you build a credible brand.

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