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Welcome to the ValueMax Program by MAUS

MAUS is the leader in Exit and Succession Planning solutions worldwide. The ValueMax program provides its users with a systematic approach to analyze their client’s business and provide them with a detailed exit and succession plan.

ValueMax has been designed to create comprehensive reports in minutes, providing you with a structured workflow!

The software process has been developed over the last 20 years; with the sole intention of maximizing the experience consultants provide to their customers!

MAUS CEO, Peter Hickey, is the President of the Australian Chapter of the Exit Planning Institute (EPI) and was also the first ever Australian to become a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA).

MAUS ValueMax Exit & Succession Planning software is a highly impressive, effective and “must have” tool for any exit planning advisor serious on building a professional practice.”

Chris Snider – President and CEO, Exit Planning Institute

MAUS ValueMax Workbook – Only $69 (RRP $97)

This Exit & Succession Planning Workbook is designed to educate business owners and business advisors on the exit and succession planning process and provide a clear yet comprehensive pathway.

 565 Colour Page Workbook
 Business Owner Education
 Covers everything from Personal assessments to business assessments.
 From Exit Planning to Value Enhancement.

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The One Page Exit Plan

All three software modules can be used at different stages of the client engagement process. The MAUS ValueMax software contains the assessments and core methodology. One of the outputs is a professionally developed One Page Exit & Succession Plan which is a method of clearly articulating your clients’ high level goals into a One Page Exit plan. The software is shipped with an electronic version of the ValueMax workbook – a 560 page colour workbook that outlines the exit and succession planning process in detail. Peter Hickey, the author of the workbook, developed the highly acclaimed process as a visual representation of a business owners end goal. The ValueMax software also includes a training program to help educate business owners on the process.


MAUS ValueMax / Exit Planning Software Pack

Now only $199 p/m

 MAUS ValueMax Software

All of these questionnaires combine to assess the client for their exit and success. These then easily form in depth reports. With a 3 hr client workshop can add up to 7.5k of value to a consultant!!!

View ValueMax Sample Report

 MAUS Client Needs Analysis

Allows you to easily structure a conversation with a client, build trust, maximize your credibility and generate tailored reports at the click of a button!

View Client Needs Sample Report

 MAUS Value Gap Analysis

An educational calculator which highlights value enhancement, ROI, where you can demonstrate a client’s current value and their future value.

View Value Gap Sample Report

Interactive ValueMax Workbook

allows you to consistently check with clients and provide them with ongoing service to assure they are meeting their predetermined requirements.

Best of breed Methodologies

The MAUS methodology has been recommended by the Exit Planning Institute in the USA and the Institute of Exit Advisors in Australia. MAUS have solidified ourselves as the leader of exit planning solutions in Australia and the US. The MAUS ValueMax – Exit & Succession Planning Software will provide you with:

Best of breed systems and methodologies
 Trust and credibility with your clients
 Profitable workflow
 Basis to establish a profitable revenue structure



Summary of the software benefits

MAUS software instantly provides leading consultants with a structured and automated workflow to engage clients. The MAUS software suite of tools will provide you with a step-by-step process to win more clients, structure client triggering events, and build recurring revenue worth $12k-100k per client.

Some features software include:

 Automated report generation – Deliverables include gap analysis, action plans.
 Questionnaires that assess the business, owner, family and stakeholders in each of the three legs of the stool.
 Value Gap / potential and profit improvement calculators
 KPI and Client performance dashboards
 Business attractiveness, Business Readiness and Personal Readiness audits.
 Plus over 20 more tools, MAUS offers a cloud software platform that arms you with the largest range of consulting tools in one interactive platform.
 Recommended by the Exit Planning Institute (EPI)



ValueMax Colour Workbook
ValueMax Colour Workbook
$69 one-off$69 one-off
  • Digital Download
    Digital Download
  • > 565 Colour Workbook
    > 565 Colour Workbook
  • > Owner Education
    > Owner Education
  • > Business Assessments
    > Business Assessments
  • > Personal Assessments
    > Personal Assessments
ValueMax Software Pack (Monthly)
ValueMax Software Pack (Yearly)
$199per month$1,499per year
  • Cancel Anytime
    Save $889
  • > ValueMax Workbook
    > ValueMax Workbook
  • > ValueMax Software
    > ValueMax Software
  • > Client Needs Analysis
    > Client Needs Analysis
  • > Valuation Gap Analysis
    > Valuation Gap Analysis
ValueMax Certification Course
ValueMax Certification Course
$499one-offAsk Usone-off
  • One Day Course
    One Day Course
  • > Nationally recognised
    > Nationally recognised
  • > Developed by Experts
    > Developed by Experts
  • > Accredited Framework
    > Accredited Framework
  • > Includes resources
    > Includes resources

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