Advertising is one of the main means of attracting potential applicants. The aim of advertising is to make people aware of a vacancy and persuade suitable people to apply for it. It is also a means of distributing accurate and favourable information about your organisation to the general public.

What steps should you take before writing?
Before you write your advertisement you need to consider the following matters:

1. Identify your target market
Your target market for a suitable candidate will usually belong in one of the following categories:

  • managerial and professional staff
  • clerical staff
  • skilled and trades workers
  • unskilled labour.
2. Select the best medium for your advertisement
You need to choose the medium that will be seen by the greatest number of potential candidates, ie the places they are likely to look for work. The type of advertisement you choose will be determined by the:
  • applicant you want
  • the costs of using a particular medium.

Typical places to advertise are:

  • national and metropolitan daily papers (largest readership) – advertisements may be placed in the employment sections or, for professional and senior positions, the editorial pages
  • local suburban press – a successful medium for advertising unskilled and clerical vacancies
  • trade journals – useful when special skills or types of work experience are required and the potential labour market is small or restricted
  • professional journals
  • the internet – advertisements can be placed on your website (if you have one), on a recruitment site (for a fee), on a news group or on-line forum (for free) by: classifying the job by using appropriate key words, or by type of job, location and other parameters (where there are synonyms for a job title such as “journalist”, “editor”, “writer” and “publishing”, all should be included if possible) providing links to further information about the job if appropriate (eg a link to an area on your website)- ensuring applicants can respond to a job vacancy by electronic mail- monitoring the advertisement and removing it once a vacancy is filled
  • employment agencies
  • business and technical colleges
  • notices on company property (eg in a window or on a gate)
  • internal advertising (on noticeboards and intranets).
Tip: Consider supporting internet advertising with print advertising because new and inexperienced internet users may encounter difficulties accessing your advertisement.
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