MAUS today announced the launch of the new KPI Dashboard product. This is a completely online version of our existing bestselling product KPI Scorecard.

Summary: KPI Dashboard will help you to instantly create a “One Page” dashboard for your business. Create business, employee, OHS, HR, sales team and any other scorecard. The ultimate business intelligence and strategic planning tool!


  1. Instantly create “One Page” snapshots and dashboards for your business or clients.
  2. Create a single scorecard or dashboard for the business or scorecards for all employees, divisions, products, clients, OHS, HR and more.
  3. The dashboards can compare against targets, last year performance or against the average performance of other similar groups.
  4. Allows instant access to any metric in the business.
  5. Includes impressive graphs, as well as a weekly and monthly activity scheduler.
  6. Automatic export/import option to Microsoft Excel.
  7. Access remotely from your Computer, Mac, Iphone, Ipad, Android phone, etc.

For more information contact MAUS Business Systems.


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