Battle of the Advisors – Oct 25

The ultimate challenge – Battle of the Advisors

Learn more about Business Advisory in a day than you will learn anywhere else!

For some it will be the “WOW” factor and others there will be a revelation “so that’s what a Business Advisor should be doing!”This is an accelerated learning “gamified” event where we teach accountants, wealth planners, bookkeepers, independent business coaches and startup advisors, what a Business Advisor should be doing! And we do it in a very practical and fun manner.

“Advisor against Advisor” –  locked in a room with one team pitted against the other. Who will take out the crown?

By gamifying the event we create an enjoyable day” says Peter Hickey, CEO & Founder of MAUS Business Systems, “one that is highly effective in teaching Business Advisers & Consultants about strategic decision making, competitive and market analysis and how these decisions will reflect in their client’s profit and loss.”

“There are many accountancy practices as an example that call themselves Business Advisors but we believe are falling short on everything else except financial accountability.” explains Peter “This Business Advisory certification program is a way of improving the skill-set of Business Advisors across the board. Our goal as a training and technology company is to raise the bar and evolve a new professional standard.”

Everyone in the room will be competing against each other in the BATTLE OF THE ADVISORS. All Advisors will be divided into teams. Each team will be helping to manage a simulated client’s business, making the commercial, marketing and strategic decisions. At the end of each simulated year each company will be given a set of profit & loss and other reports. The goal is to maximise profits. There will be a winner announced each period and then at the end of the day the best performing team will take the crown as the ultimate winner.

We still have 5 tickets left for the October 25th event in Sydney….call 1300 300 586 or email Chris at