“What sank the titanic?…” the top of the iceberg or the bottom!”

“What sank the titanic?…” the top of the iceberg or the bottom!”

…asks Peter Hickey, President of the Institute of Business Advisors & CEO of MAUS. “What concerns me is that so many people are starting or building a Business Advisory but their seems to be a lack of training on the fundamentals of strategic metrics and Business Planning.
I want you to imagine a typical iceberg. At the top of the iceberg we have KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators” such as Sales, profit and Cash. All extremely important and determinants of success and failure – but these are what we called lagged KPI’s

MAUS Iceberg Sample KPI

When you look at this picture above you can see that the areas below the waterline, drive the top level goals. The clear message that we send to Business Owners is that monitoring sales, profit and cash at the end of each month is the starting point of good business management…but you need to expand your monitoring to include non-financial KPI’s.

Two simple examples…
• Number of leads or web visitors is an indicator that future sales are likely to occur.
• 0r if we ensure that staff have weekly telephone script training sessions then this ensures that sales conversion rates remain high and the business continues to meet sales targets. In this case a KPI could be a monthly target of 4 (ie 4 sessions)

As a Business Advisor we strongly recommend that you encourage your clients to expand into a greater level of KPI’s. Below are some more examples of KPI’s. The Institute of Advisors is running a course on this on May 24th in Sydney as well as a Certified Business Advisor credential. Contact Chris Palmer sales@maus.com.au for more details.

Sample KPI’s

 Number of customers
 Market share
 Average value sale
 Customers lost (no. or %)
 Average time spent on customer rel’s
 Sales closed / sales contacts
 Satisfied customer Index
 Number customer service calls
 Customer loyalty Index
 Number of complaints
 Refunds
 Marketing expenses
 Average duration customer relat.
 Number customer visits

 Employee suggest’s for improvements
 Employee suggestions implemented
 Patents pending
 Satisfied employee Index [research]
 Ratio new / established products
 Employee buy-in ($ or %)
 Marketing expense / customer
 Investment in devel’ment new markets

 Revenue
 Profit
 Cash
 Total assets
 Total assets / employee
 Revenues / total assets
 Revenues / employee
 Profits / total assets
 Return on capital employed
 Profit margin
 Return on investment
 Total costs
 Market value

 Number of calls by accounts receivable, sales or customer service.
 Administrative expense / totals revenue
 On-time delivery
 Average lead time
 Lead time, product development
 “ “ , from order to delivery
 “ “ , suppliers
 “ “ , production
 Average time for decision-making
 Inventory turnover time
 Improvement in productivity

 Employee suggest’s for improvements
 Employee suggestions implemented
 Patents pending
 Satisfied employee Index [research]
 Ratio new / established products
 Employee buy-in ($ or %)
 Marketing expense / customer
 Investment in devel’ment new markets

 Revenue from new products
 Expense on R & D
 R & D expense / total expenditure
 IT development expense / IT tot. expense
 Hours, R & D (no. or %)
 Investment in training
 Investment in research (e.g., customer)

What is a one page business owner exit plan?

What is a one page business owner exit plan?

As advisors our goal has always been to help Business Owners start a discussion about their eventual exit and ensure they touch upon the most important issues well before any planned succession.

Exit and succession planning is often portrayed as complex. The One Page Exit Plan© is an easy to understand, straight forward process designed to help simplify all the complexities a business owner faces in developing an exit plan.

For business advisors the One Page Exit Plan© presents a great framework to structure a long term, highly profitable business advisory engagement.

Characteristics of the One Page Exit Plan©:

  • A One Page Exit Plan© is a visual, simple to understand guiding document.
  • Educational for the business owner(s), helping them to understand the process and communicate to key stakeholders.
  • Enjoyable to develop.
  • Dynamic by nature, easy to update and modify.
  • Enables alignment for both advisors & owners and acts as a scoreboard & roadmap.
  • Can provide the driving force and narrative for multiple advisors ensuring they are all on the same page.
  • Can be done initially as a simple exercise but has the ability to be the framework for weeks/months and even years of driving actions.
  • It connects the dots. Decisions about a Business Owner exit are often made in isolation without an understanding of the impact and relationship between business matters, personal financial planning and the owner’s personal wellness.
  • Should be done quarterly or every 6 months to help the business owner stay on track and see progress (like losing weight!)

To be most effective within business, this One Page Exit Plan© will also require additional detailed analysis & action plans, as well as a constant review process that revisits objectives and progress every 90 days.

Below is an example of a small sized business One Page Exit Plan©.

What are the benefits?

  • The One Page Exit Plan© ensures that the shareholders, family, stakeholders and advisors are aligned and all on the same page.
  • The Exit Planning process delivers the biggest impact when owners receive expert guidance from a number of professional advisors on a variety of factors.
  • The One Page Exit Plan© should be used as a tool to summarize your goals and make sure your advisors, family and stakeholders are working toward a successful and coordinated exit transition.

This output is all automated in the MAUS ValueMax software designed to help advisors deliver exit planning services to their clients. For more info – Click Here

Peter Hickey, CEO, MAUS Business Systems best selling “One Page Exit Plan© Workbook” is available at amazon and is a must read for all business owners and advisors looking to educate themselves on the topic. You can purchase the full workbook on the following link – Click Here


MAUS Accredited Partner Program Event March Sydney

MAUS Accredited Partner Program – Next Event 11th March 2019, Sydney

Our next 4 day Business Advisory & Consultancy Boot -camp and partner program is filling up.  If you would like a “Ready Made” Business Advisory process where you walk away with the systems, knowledge, tools and confidence to take your Business Advisory practice to the next level then sign up to the partner program.

We have had a great deal of success in helping build successful Business Advisory practices around the world. The next program will be held over 4 days in Sydney.

certified advisor

If you are sick of re-inventing the wheel and hitting your head against the wall then the solution is simple…call one of our consultants to confidentiality discuss the program and receive more information on 1300 300 586

We will provide you with the marketing material and the confidence  to help you to win new clients. 1-2 clients will give you a complete ROI on the program at the average client fee level.

Suitable for anybody wishing to establish and build a practice or existing advisors that wish to accelerate their practice income. Includes, ex CFOS and Senior Managers as well as Accountancy Practices, Wealth Planners, Bookeepers and M&A experts.

MAUS Advisor of the Year 2018!

Congratulations to Kerry Boulton our MAUS Advisor of the year for 2018!

As a thought leader and expert in the exit planning space, she’s helped many business owners blow their exit goals out of the water.

Throughout the year Kerry has gone above and beyond in helping coordinate the MAUS Victoria chapter and provided invaluable feedback that has helped us drive innovation.

“Kerry thank you for your contributions this year it’s our pleasure to  have you as part of the MAUS Accredited Partner Network.” Peter Hickey, CEO, MAUS Business Systems.

MAUS Advisor of the Year

MAUS Certified Advisor Course Success!

certified advisor

It was great to see over 70 professional accountants, financial planners, business brokers and consultants at the MAUS Certified Advisor course in Manly last week! It was a great day of networking and education for all involved.

We’d like to thank our keynote speakers Peter Hickey, David Staughton, Mark Holton, and Dale Coutts for sharing their insights and tips on building successful advisory practices.

Throughout the day all advisors participated in a highly engaging business simulation game designed to teach advisors why it’s so important to explore more than just financial metrics in delivering advice.

Congratulations to our Business Olympics simulation winners Global Brewing for taking out the highest profit earnings throughout the game!

In partnership with the Institute of Advisors, MAUS would like to congratulate all advisors who participated in the course on their recent certification. We’re looking forward to hearing their success stories as they continue to help SME’s around the world achieve success!


Battle of the Advisors – Oct 25

The ultimate challenge – Battle of the Advisors

Learn more about Business Advisory in a day than you will learn anywhere else!

For some it will be the “WOW” factor and others there will be a revelation “so that’s what a Business Advisor should be doing!”This is an accelerated learning “gamified” event where we teach accountants, wealth planners, bookkeepers, independent business coaches and startup advisors, what a Business Advisor should be doing! And we do it in a very practical and fun manner.

“Advisor against Advisor” –  locked in a room with one team pitted against the other. Who will take out the crown?

By gamifying the event we create an enjoyable day” says Peter Hickey, CEO & Founder of MAUS Business Systems, “one that is highly effective in teaching Business Advisers & Consultants about strategic decision making, competitive and market analysis and how these decisions will reflect in their client’s profit and loss.”

“There are many accountancy practices as an example that call themselves Business Advisors but we believe are falling short on everything else except financial accountability.” explains Peter “This Business Advisory certification program is a way of improving the skill-set of Business Advisors across the board. Our goal as a training and technology company is to raise the bar and evolve a new professional standard.”

Everyone in the room will be competing against each other in the BATTLE OF THE ADVISORS. All Advisors will be divided into teams. Each team will be helping to manage a simulated client’s business, making the commercial, marketing and strategic decisions. At the end of each simulated year each company will be given a set of profit & loss and other reports. The goal is to maximise profits. There will be a winner announced each period and then at the end of the day the best performing team will take the crown as the ultimate winner.

We still have 5 tickets left for the October 25th event in Sydney….call 1300 300 586 or email Chris at palmerc@maus.com.au

MAUS Exciting Updates and Announcements

Hi Everyone,

A bit of the WOW factor happening at the moment.

  1. Our conference…book now! We have confirmed David Staughton Australian famous circuit speaker and Mark Holton equally renowned on the circuit with accountants- as speakers. Sydney October 25th/26th
  2. This is an action-packed conference…we will be running a simulated business and competing against each other
  3. New product launch….lots to unveil!!!


  1. KPI Dashboard….simplified interface.
  2. VCFO….Traffic lights now on home Page

    3. MILESTONES & PROJECTS…check it out this should be one of your number one client tools

MAUS is hiring – Sales and Marketing Coordinator. Apply Now 1300 300 586

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Great career path in marketing and/or sales! Suit marketing graduate or someone with retail experience looking to start a marketing career.

  • Exciting opportunity to work with a leading software publisher. IT is the fastest growing industry in the world!
  • Seeking enthusiastic, motivated Sales & Marketing Coordinator.
  • Northern Beaches area. Entrepreneurial role.
  • All marketing training provided. Suit someone just beginning a career.
  • You will be given the opportunity to get involved in all marketing and sales activities, including your own product to manage.
  • You will be given product management duties from day one and taught to think like an entrepreneur and take ownership.
  • Work with a positive and supportive team, predominately under 30 years old!

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Who we are:

MAUS Business Systems is an innovative Australian owned software company providing an award-winning range of technology and services to markets in Australia and around the world. We have been operating for over 25 years and are recognised as the global standard in our industry.

Located in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches….offering a great work-life balance, with facilities including a swimming pool and gym. www.maus.com.au

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Who we are looking for:

This is an entry-level role, perfect for an enthusiastic, motivated person that wants to be a part of a dynamic team and fast-paced environment. This role provides excellent career development with training in sales, social media, advertising, PR and strategic planning. We offer a choice of career pathways depending on your skills and expertise. You will be in a dual role of account management/sales and marketing.

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What you’ll do:

As a Sales & Marketing Coordinator @ MAUS you will work as part of a close-knit team and be responsible for:

  • Managing and defining the marketing strategy for all incoming leads
  • Supporting the marketing & sales team with marketing projects
  • Implementing and designing marketing campaigns to reach product group budgets
  • Following up all contacts and enquiries to MAUS
  • Product Management responsibilities including competitor analysis and increasing awareness of branding through SEO, advertisements, PR releases etc.

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To be successful in this role you will have:

  • Either hold a Certificate / Degree in Marketing or Business or want to start
  • 1 – 2 years of Sales / Marketing experience preferred but not compulsory
  • Strong written & verbal communication skills
  • The ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment
  • Time management skills and be highly organised
  • Enthusiastic and eager to learn and develop skills
  • The ability to develop new ideas and be self-motivated with projects.

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At MAUS we value hard work and commitment, realising that it is our team that will help shape our future. Our team work in a fast paced environment and love being challenged. If this sounds like the right fit for you, send your resume and cover letter to admin@maus.com.au or if you have any questions give us a call on 02 9907 1669.