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What is the Certified Business Advisor Program?

The Certified Business Advisor Program is the leading course & pathway for those looking to build a successful business advisory practice. Whether you are an Accountant, Financial Planner, Bookkeeper or Business Broker looking to transition to offering business advisory services or a Business Consultant/Coach looking to separate yourself from your competitors the Certified Business Advisor Program is the perfect offering. Providing you with the education to build your services and the credibility to give you the confidence and marketing to offer your advisory services to clients, the Certified Business Advisor Program is setting the standard in Advisory services being offered. 

How do I complete the course?

You will be taken through the fundamentals, as outlined in the course curriculum below, in a mixture of online and face-to-face sessions to help you win new clients, market your services, streamline your advisory offerings and avoid the key mistakes advisors & consultants make. You will learn how to sell on value and how to charge, as well as how to develop a referral base and generate recurring revenue. These courses have been based on over 25 years of industry experience and has been developed into a proven step-by -step methodology which anyone can follow!

Who is this course designed for?

MAUS Academy Course

Explore the Course Curriculum

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About the Course

Course Introduction

Overview – Business Advisory Model & Professional Standards

Join a local Chapter

A message from the instructor

How to use this learning platform

Advice on Enrollment

Before we begin…

Your Strategy

Your Positioning

Return on investment

Your Business Model

Assessment Task

What makes a good advisor?

Questions a sports coach asks

Asking Personal Questions – Peter Christman Interview

What do business owners need?

Simple model example

Business lifecycle

Developing strategic metrics

Client Accountability

How to improve your advisory effectiveness?

Client monthly business review meeting

The 4 step strategy execution model

Collaboration based advisory

Sample Marketing strategies

Sample Marketing & Building Blocks – Peter Christman

Sample billing strategies

Q&A Session – Practice readiness

Making the leap

Entire Lesson Plan

Peter Christman Tips

Tip 1 – Selling Yourself, Not a Product

Tip 1 – Asking Open Questions

Tip 3 Establishing Hot Buttons

Tip 4 – Focusing on Value Proposition

Tip 5 – Key Phrases

How to use the Client Discovery Software

Discussions and Advice – Conducting the Assessment

Business Plans are like Rocket Ships

Quick & Nasty Business Plan

Business Planning Process

One Page Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Customer Needs A

Analysing Sales Performance and Segments

SWOT Analysis

Strategic Direction

People Alignment and Culture


Case Study – John Smith

What did you learn from the case study

Understanding KPI and Strategy Map

Turning the Scorecard into a Monthly Review Meeting

Entire Lesson Plan

Assessment Task

Congrats, Here is what’s next

More resources for you

Before you go….

What will you learn?

  • How to tap into the fastest growing advisory segment
  • How to avoid the #1 most common mistake advisors make
  • The easiest way to win a client
  • How to sell on value and what to charge
  • How to develop a referral base
  • How to create recurring revenue
  • A proven step by step methodology
  • How to automate scale and leverage your practice
  • How to drive regular client accountability

What's included?

  • Access to the online learning/course portal
  • 1 day workshop event
  • Learn from world-class keynote advisors & speakers
  • Leveraging best in class technology
  • Complete client methodology
  • Marketing material to build your credibility
"I would highly recommend this course to all Advisors, Accountants, Bookkeepers and Consultants. I was blown away with the power and practical nature of the course. Probably the most effective and enjoyable course I have ever done. The credibility, networking & MAUS tools has helped me to move my practice forward.
MAUS Accredited Partner - Phil Roberts
Phil Roberts
Certified Business Advisor

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