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Whether you are looking to start your own practice, or a more efficient way to structure and manage client engagement, the best software to use is MAUS

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Easily structure and systemise your Health & Safety consultancy, and in a fraction of the time!

Don’t re-invent the wheel! MAUS offers a complete Health & Safety consultants software package for any compliance expert. Whether you are are looking to start your own practice or develop a high-growth revenue stream area, this software will help you:

Win profitable clients

Structure your client engagement

Build ongoing revenue from each client

Standing out from the crowd

Leverage and scale your practice

It’s the quickest and most effective way to build a successful practice, giving you the ammunition to engage clients easily, produce instant WHS/OHS management systems and provide value to justify ongoing recurring revue.

MAUS Client engagement cycle
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Customer Spotlight

“I found dealing with MAUS very professional from my first contact. The range of products available to me as a consultant is very impressive and I can see that the back up support and training is excellent. Very happy to use and recommend MAUS wherever I can.”

Warren Tapp

Step 1: Win new clients

Build trust & credibility with structured ‘best of breed’ framework

Use the MAUS Client Needs Analysis to run your client company through an audit on risks and potential hazards with the interactive questionnaire tool. These can even be emailed to prospects to conduct an initial gap analysis and spark up dialouge between yourself and your potential client.

Once the assessment has been completed, a professional report will automatically generate for you to give your clients with your proposal. View sample report below.

MAUS WHS audit template

Step 2: Automate systems & accountability

Create unlimited H&S plans/manuals for unlimited clients

MAUS software for consultants gives you the copyrights to legally use the software and the IP to on-sell Health & Safety Manuals & Systems to their clients. MAUS offers over 100 pre-loaded policies and templates, with automated version control (ISO Certification requirement) and automated employee compliance to ensure all staff acknowledge any policy changes

It is the fastest & easiest way to put documentation and systems in place for a client. 

Step 3: Generate ongoing revenue

Build profitable relationships, retain clients and justify your fees

Once you have provided your client audits and documentation, you can then help improve and manage their systems by providing an easy-to-use cloud-based management system. 

MAUS offers a complete system for managing risks, incidents, training and accountability for SMEs. Effortlessly allow them to manage day-to-day tasks, while you engage in a monthly advisory meeting to identify any pain points or areas for improvement.

MAUS HSEQ registers

Full list of registers

Audits & Inspections

Audit Builder

Set up templated audits and inspections for staff to regularly complete. You can also flag unsatisfactory answers to require attachments or corrective actions

Checklist Register

Easily create and complete your own checklists. These can be used for inductions, maintenance or inspections. All completed inspections are stored in the register

Corrective Actions

View, create and edit all corrective actions in one register, these will pull all corrective actions from the Incident Manager, Audits & Inspections and Non-Conformance. Accountbale users will receive weekly reminders of their outstanding tasks

Audits & Inspections

Complete templated audits configured in the Audit Builder. Response types can be multiple choice, slider or numerical.  Respondents may be required to add attachments or corrective actions based on their response

Incidents & Risk Assessment

Incident Reporting

Easily log and report on incidents as they occur. The register is Work Cover compliant and managers can automatically be notified when a new incident is logged. Corrective actions can then be created and allocated

Non-Conformance Register

Create and report on any Non-Conformances as they occur. Easily add any attachments and confire any Corrective or Preventative Actions (CAPA). Employees will be notified when they have a new task

Risk Register

Use the library of over 100 sample risks across a variety of industries to conduct your risk assessments. All completed risks can then automatically be generated into SWMS and populated in the SWMS Doc Register

Activity Register

Use the library of over 100 sample activities across a variety of industries to conduct your risk(s) assessments. All completed activities can then automatically be generated into SWMS and populated in the SWMS Doc Register

Registers & Reminders

Asset Register

Log and store maintain all records of assets (vehicle, machinery etc) and set up reminders for upcoming inspections. The responsible user will be notified when an upcoming inspection is due

Electrical Register

Store and keep track of all electrical equipment while also being reminded of any inspections that are due. The responsible user will be notified when an inspection is due

Contractor Register

Store all relevant information for contractors, including certificates/white card info and emergency contact info. A responsible user will be notified if a contractors qualification or insurance expires.

Training Register

Log and maintain all training & certificate info for staff. An accountable user will be notified each month of all certificate/licence expiries within the upcoming six weeks

Site Register

Log and track the different sites that exist within the organisation. Any hazards, contractors, audits or assets can be classified by one or many of the sites within the register

Chemical & Hazardous Substances Register

Store and maintain all details for chemicals and hazardous substances and include any relevant attchments or Safety Data Sheets. Reminders will be sent to accountable users for any reviews of expiries of the substances

Document Management

Policy Manager

Import and maintain all documentation in one location. Staff can easily access, export and edit all relevant documentation. The Manager can export the documentation with custom headers and footers with your information

Documentation Manager

Store and maintain all company documents in one shared drive. Documents can be collaboratively edited and updated in real time. Support file types are Word, Pdf, Excel & PowerPoint

SWMS Doc Register

Store all Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) in one register. Completed SWMS can easily be sent to staff before commencing work. Their acknowledgement can be tracked in the approval list.


No Risk Trial

Our no risk purchase trial gives you peace of mind that if the software doesn’t meet your needs for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

Easy To Use

MAUS ustilises state of the art Cloud-based technology for easy access, usability and efficiency. MAUS Cloud is one simple to use system to automate your business processes and save you hours.

Over 60,000 Customers

The award-winning MAUS tools haveserved over 60,000 businesses and 10,000 advisors across 55+ countries.

Full Customer Support

We nurture our customers to ensure they receive the most effective outcome from our software. included free in your subscription is access to our onboarding webinars, training demonstrations and Australian-based technical support.

Australian-Owned & Developed

MAUS are proud to have been owned and operated in Australia for over 25+ years. We are proud to have pioneered the first Windows-based Business Planning Software in the world.

Instant Access

Receive instant access to the range of tools and documentation to help and improve your businesses’ processes.

An easy to use software platform - Suitable for any business

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Health & Safety Consultants Package

$ 249 per month
  • Unlimited Clients
  • ISO 45001 Templates, Policies & Procedures
  • All HSEQ Registers and Integrated Dashboard
  • Technical Support & Training
  • Custom Questionnaire & Audit Creation
  • Automated Version Control (ISO Requirement)
  • Staff Acknowledgement Via Email
  • Complete Client Cloud-Based Management System
  • 12 Month Minimum

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