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Whether you’re looking to gain accreditation, apply for a tendering, or simply to align to the latest standard, MAUS Health & Safety Software will save you hours!

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Easily create & maintain your Health & Safety policies in one platform

Health & Safety Policies software by MAUS will help you create workplace health & safety policies, procedures & forms in minutes. Our WHS software is perfect for tenders and legal compliance and meets all elements of ISO Health & Safety Legislation. MAUS health & safety policies software has over 100+ sample WHS / OHS policy templates based on ISO 45001 standards.

Free samples to help you get started:

This template outlines the high risk activities to be conducted in the workplace, the hazards that may arise and control measures put in place. These are defined in the WHS Regulation

This assessment form will help outline all hazards and risks that are associated with day-to-day activities. Each potential hazard will be assigned a risk rating before and after controls are implemented

This is a comprehensive checklist that goes through the areas of a site that need to be checked off during monthly inspections. ISO 45001 requires these inspections regularly

This report will give you the key statistics that are required to be completed to comply with ISO 45001. It will address key areas such as injuries and incidents that will be assessed

This sample checklist provides you with a comprehensive look at what key areas need to be considered when conduction an evacuation drill. ISO 45001 requirements state that evacuation drills must be conducted regularly

MAUS ISO 9001 cycle qms
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Customer Spotlight

“”I have now upgraded to the latest version of MAUS Health & Safety Planner and am impressed by how up to date the product is. All the recent changes to legislation are already evident in the software. This confidence is saving me 1 000’s of dollars in Consultant fees – I can now do it myself quickly and easily. Thank you MAUS!””

Shino Huang, ACALS Pty Ltd

Key Features


Prepare a comprehensive Health & Safety Manual in 50-90% of the time

With over 100+ sample WHS policies, procedures and forms, MAUS Health & Safety policies will help you develop your safety procedures and processes in one comprehensive handbook software system. Simply type your business name into the software and it will pre-populate throughout the entire document… time saved!

Automated Version Control

Using the MAUS Health & Safety ISO 45001 software you will be able to keep a log of all WHS policy changes. With version history you will also be able to view previous amendments to documents with time stamps of who made the changes and when the changes were made.

Version numbers are automatically incremented with any changes made to the policies. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a WHS Policy that is actively enforced with document control and a complete audit history trail.

MAUS QMS doc control
MAUS employee compliance

Employee sign off on Policies

Don’t spend time chasing up employees for their compliance every time you add a new policy or amend an existing one. The MAUS Health & Safety Software will automatically email your ISO 45001 documentation to your employees plus log their responses.
The program will generate a traffic light report displaying every employee in your organisation as well as contractors. The traffic light will generate a green light for compliance, a yellow light for no response and a red for rejection of policy.


No Risk Trial

Our no risk purchase trial gives you peace of mind that if the software doesn’t meet your needs for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

Easy To Use

MAUS ustilises state of the art Cloud-based technology for easy access, usability and efficiency. MAUS Cloud is one simple to use system to automate your business processes and save you hours.

Over 60,000 Customers

The award-winning MAUS tools haveserved over 60,000 businesses and 10,000 advisors across 55+ countries.

Full Customer Support

We nurture our customers to ensure they receive the most effective outcome from our software. included free in your subscription is access to our onboarding webinars, training demonstrations and Australian-based technical support.

Australian-Owned & Developed

MAUS are proud to have been owned and operated in Australia for over 25+ years. We are proud to have pioneered the first Windows-based Business Planning Software in the world.

Instant Access

Receive instant access to the range of tools and documentation to help and improve your businesses’ processes.

A Complete WHS Management Manual - Suitable For Any Business

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee


$ 499 per year
  • ISO 45001 Templates, Procedures & Forms
  • Ongoing Updates to Standard Changes
  • Cloud-Based Software & Storage
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Pro Gold

$ 699 per year
  • ISO 45001 Templates, Procedures & Forms
  • Ongoing Updates to Standard Changes
  • Cloud-Based Software & Storage
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Automated Version Control & Changes Log


$ 999 per year
  • ISO 45001 Templates, Procedures & Forms
  • Ongoing Updates to Standard Changes
  • Cloud-Based Software & Storage
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Automated Version Control & Changes Log
  • Automatically Notify Staff of Policy Changes & Track Response

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