How to Keep Employees Productive When Working From Home

The current COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves throughout the entire economy, affecting Australian small businesses unlike anything ever before. If you’re one of the lucky businesses that are able to work from home, it may be difficult to keep staff engaged and accountable with the constant distractions of home life.

One of the key issues that arises from remote working situations is the sudden lack of communication between staff and within the organisation, increasing confusion and reducing efficiency. One of the key tools that you can implement is on online tasks & projects planner – these tools can help staff stay on track with their responsibilities and effortlessly update team members when tasks or projects are completed.

Another key issue that businesses are having is how to keep staff engaged while working from home. Outside of an office environment it is difficult to staff get the credit, or acknowledgement for the great work they do. That’s why all businesses should continue to have a structured, regular performance review system. This reassures team members that their work and efforts while working from home are acknowledged.

These times can cause stress on the existing systems and processes that businesses currently have in place. That’s why it’s important to stay agile and fluid to ensure that businesses can survive and prosper in the future.