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Easily create structured and targeted psychometric assessments to find the best candidate for the job! Simply select the criteria and the software will generate a test for the candidate(s) and export an in-depth report based on results.

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Hiring the right staff can be the difference between the failure and success of your business. Unfortunately many employers learn this the hard way when poor decisions lead to disatrous repercussions. If you employ a candidate that fails to achieve the results you hoped for, not only will it cost you money, it will place unnecessary burden on both yourself and your other employees that will end up ‘carrying’ the under performing candidate/

MAUS HR Profiler is designed you streamline the recruitment process, capitalise on the skills possessed by existing staff and take away the hassle of identifying the right person for the job.

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“Great product. Fun to learn. Helpful team. Swift and efficient transactions. Accessible, friendly help desk personalities who really know what they’re talking about. Active and energetic when dealing with problems. Swift responses to inquiries and even the ‘dumb’ questions were handled with patience! Highest commendation from me.”

David Wilkinson – Alexander Construction

Key Features

Step 1: Set criteria

Set job-specific skills and competencies required for the rols

Selecting the right job requirement criteria ensures your business selects candidates based not only on their immediate skills and experience, but also on their overall cultural fit and potential growth within the business.

These questions also allow you to further determine the type of employee you are looking for and hone in on any key areas in the business which requires improvement

MAUS HR Profiler report
MAUS employee compliance

Step 2: Candidate(s) conduct their assessment

The assessment is flexible and can be accessed through an email link

The applicant(s) will sit the recruitment questionnaire, given a time frame of roughly 40-60 minutes. The style of questions range from Literacy, Numeracy, Behavioural and Analytical studies.

This can take place in the office or in the privacy of their own home – the test can be emailed via a link for applicants to complete in their own time.

Step 3: The employers are notified with report

The suitability of the candidate will be assessed and a Job Suitability Score will be given

Once the assessment has been complete, the employers will receive an in-depth report assessing the suitability of the applicant against the criteria of the job description.

Strengths and weaknesses will be detailed along with a percentage match fit. The report is easy to read and interpret with detailed statistics and graphs.

MAUS HR Profiler output


No Risk Trial

Our no risk purchase trial gives you peace of mind that if the software doesn’t meet your needs for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

Easy To Use

MAUS ustilises state of the art Cloud-based technology for easy access, usability and efficiency. MAUS Cloud is one simple to use system to automate your business processes and save you hours.

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The award-winning MAUS tools haveserved over 60,000 businesses and 10,000 advisors across 55+ countries.

Full Customer Support

We nurture our customers to ensure they receive the most effective outcome from our software. included free in your subscription is access to our onboarding webinars, training demonstrations and Australian-based technical support.

Australian-Owned & Developed

MAUS are proud to have been owned and operated in Australia for over 25+ years. We are proud to have pioneered the first Windows-based Business Planning Software in the world.

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Receive instant access to the range of tools and documentation to help and improve your businesses’ processes.

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HR Profiler

$ 299 per year
  • 3 User Licenses
  • Includes Full Support & Training
  • Cloud-Based Software & Storage
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

HR Pack

$ 699 per year
  • 5 User Licenses
  • Includes Full Support & Training
  • Cloud-Based Software & Storage
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Includes MAUS HR/Operational Policies & Procedures
  • Includes MAUS Performance Review
  • Includes MAUS Job Descriptions

Business Planning & HR Pack

$ 97 per month
  • 10 User Licenses
  • Unlimited Job Descriptions
  • Includes Full Support & Training
  • Cloud-Based Software & Storage
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Includes MAUS HR/Operational Policies & Procedures
  • Includes MAUS Job Descriptions
  • Includes MAUS Performance Review
  • Includes MAUS MasterPlan Lean
  • Includes MAUS KPI Dashboard
  • Includes MAUS Virtual CFO Pro
  • Includes MAUS Milestones & Projects

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