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Easily Manage Your HSEQ & Compliance Requirements

We’ve revolutionised our existing Health & Safety and Quality Management Systems to create an integrated, data-driven management system for businesses to better manage their systems and processes and comply with ISO Standards.

MAUS HSEQ registers

Easily Track & Report On Your HSEQ Requirements

With over 15 integrated registers in one cloud-based platform, all data is recorded and populated in an easy-to-read dashboard with data directly pulled from the registers. The task list will show all overdue and incomplete tasks, while the calendar will show all upcoming expiries, inspections and tasks coming up that month

Audits & Inspections

Audit Builder

Set up templated audits and inspections for staff to regularly complete. You can also flag unsatisfactory answers to require attachments or corrective actions

Checklist Register

Easily create and complete your own checklists. These can be used for inductions, maintenance or inspections. All completed inspections are stored in the register

Corrective Actions

View, create and edit all corrective actions in one register, these will pull all corrective actions from the Incident Manager, Audits & Inspections and Non-Conformance. Accountbale users will receive weekly reminders of their outstanding tasks

Audits & Inspections

Complete templated audits configured in the Audit Builder. Response types can be multiple choice, slider or numerical.  Respondents may be required to add attachments or corrective actions based on their response

MAUS audit report
MAUS registers and reminders

Registers & Reminders

Asset Register

Log and store maintain all records of assets (vehicle, machinery etc) and set up reminders for upcoming inspections. The responsible user will be notified when an upcoming inspection is due

Electrical Register

Store and keep track of all electrical equipment while also being reminded of any inspections that are due. The responsible user will be notified when an inspection is due

Contractor Register

Store all relevant information for contractors, including certificates/white card info and emergency contact info. A responsible user will be notified if a contractors qualification or insurance expires.

Training Register

Log and maintain all training & certificate info for staff. An accountable user will be notified each month of all certificate/licence expiries within the upcoming six weeks

Site Register

Log and track the different sites that exist within the organisation. Any hazards, contractors, audits or assets can be classified by one or many of the sites within the register

Chemical & Hazardous Substances Register

Store and maintain all details for chemicals and hazardous substances and include any relevant attchments or Safety Data Sheets. Reminders will be sent to accountable users for any reviews of expiries of the substances

Incidents & Risk Assessment

Incident Reporting

Easily log and report on incidents as they occur. The register is Work Cover compliant and managers can automatically be notified when a new incident is logged. Corrective actions can then be created and allocated

Non-Conformance Register

Create and report on any Non-Conformances as they occur. Easily add any attachments and confire any Corrective or Preventative Actions (CAPA). Employees will be notified when they have a new task

Risk Register

Use the library of over 100 sample risks across a variety of industries to conduct your risk assessments. All completed risks can then automatically be generated into SWMS and populated in the SWMS Doc Register

Activity Register

Use the library of over 100 sample activities across a variety of industries to conduct your risk(s) assessments. All completed activities can then automatically be generated into SWMS and populated in the SWMS Doc Register

MAUS risk assessment matrix

Policies & Document Management

Policy Manager

Import and maintain all documentation in one location. Staff can easily access, export and edit all relevant documentation. The Manager can export the documentation with custom headers and footers with your information

Documentation Manager

Store and maintain all company documents in one shared drive. Documents can be collaboratively edited and updated in real time. Support file types are Word, Pdf, Excel & PowerPoint

SWMS Doc Register

Store all Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) in one register. Completed SWMS can easily be sent to staff before commencing work. Their acknowledgement can be tracked in the approval list.

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HSEQ Management System

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