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Select from either our pricing plans for small-medium businesses or business advisors & consultants 

Small-Medium Sized Business

Designed for Business Owners, Managers and Staff to systemise and automate their systems and processes

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Consultants & Advisors

Designed for Business Consultants, Advisors & Coaches to establish and grow their Advisory services

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All plans with MAUS include:

On-Demand Training

Access our extensive library of on-demand training & resources to ensure you master the MAUS platform. From training videos to educational seminars there is a wealth of material to position you for success.

MAUS employee compliance

Live Weekly Webinars & Support

Attend our live weekly training webinars for a hands-on, interactive training session on the MAUS tools. From introductory sessions through to advanced user sessions, you will be sure to feel comfortable using the MAUS tools. 

MAUS software

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