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Should You Become ISO 9001 Certified?

Imagine operating under a poor quality management system — selling poor quality products with complete disregard to improving, incurring large costs associated with constant repairs and reworkings and the lack of returning customers, putting even more pressure on your marketing to generate new sales. For these reasons and more, it’s unsurprising that more and more businesses are becoming ISO 9001 certified.

In 2017, there was 12,163 ISO 9001 certificates issued in Australia alone, a steady 38% growth compared to 2010 figures. This shows that more and more businesses are seeing the value of implementing a compliant QMS system and third party accreditation.

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So why should you be looking at ISO 9001 certification? Below are the top 10 reasons why businesses should be looking at undertaking ISO 9001 certification:

1. Improved Processes
Seems pretty obvious right? Aligning with the global standard in Quality Management would improve your internal procedures and processes. However we can also look at the other externalities as a result; If businesses are releasing higher quality products and services, not only are the costs associated with reworks and revisions lowered, but there is also a higher chance of returning customers — taking pressure off marketing to generate new sales.
Free QMS Process Definition from MAUS Business Systems

2. Better Decision-Making
As we know, good decision making is key to business success. The structured framework of ISO 9001 allows management to make fact-based decisions. Certified ISO 9001 systems have in-built processes for gathering and analysing data which will give management insight into what is working and what needs improvement.

3. More Revenue & Profit
Customers want quality goods right? It’s no surprise that ISO-certified organisations are paid 7% more on average than non-ISO 9001 companies. In addition to this, 85% of companies with certification experienced more demand for their products or services as well as an increase in market share.

4. Support for Other Industry-Specific Standards
ISO 9001 also has the additional benefit in that it sets the foundation for other industry-specific standards, such as ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 20000 (IT services management), ISO 13485 (medical devices and ISO/TS 16949 (automotive industry). Implementing an ISO 9001 system first, makes the addition of other management standards quick and easy.

5. Better Credibility and Improved Perception
ISO 9001 certification is a clear, objective indication that a company is committed to quality. As the world’s most well-know quality standard, potential customers will automatically have a better perception of your company if you can advertise that you are ISO 9001 certified and compliant.

6. Meets Requirements for Government Contracts
Government contracts can be a lucrative opportunity for many businesses. Obtaining these contracts can often require a lot of hoops to jump through. ISO 9001 certification can help path your way for success in the public sector — in fact, many government agencies such as Vic Roads require ISO 9001 certification as a prerequisite.

7. Reduced Costs
Many business often say that they are not going through certification due to the cost. However what are the costs if you don’t undergo certification? Not only will you miss out on revenue (see point 3), but think about the unneeded costs of wasted on reworks, repairs, rejected products and recalls? With improved operational processes, production and service provision will become efficient and error-free.

8. Smoother Ordering and Customer Interaction
ISO 9001 certified companies have an improved order process in place. The communication of customer orders will become smoother, misunderstandings will be avoided and there won’t be a need to ask the customer repeated questions. This will only increase the efficiency of your business.
Free Customer Communication Procedure from MAUS Business Systems

9. Greater Customer Satisfaction
If your operational processes are running smoothly and more efficiently, your customers will be happier. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. This would subsequently have a positive impact on the bottom line!

10. No Need To Re-Invent The Wheel
Not only does ISO 9001 provide a proven quality framework for your company’s QMS, it is also recognised as the gold standard. Using ISO 9001 as the foundation of your quality management system leverages tried and true processes created, tested and implemented by international experts and top companies worldwide!

This should hopefully give you some insight into the key benefits of ISO 9001 certification. If you are looking to get started, MAUS offers market-leading tools and templates to save you 50–90% of the time in creating and maintaining your QMS. Simply email to find out more.

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