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Business Planning Software & Strategy Tools

MAUS MasterPlan Lean

Business planning software creates an impressive business plan for your business that is guaranteed to have the WOW factor.

MAUS KPI Dashboard

MAUS KPI Dashboard software is the fastest and easiest way to manage your staff, division and company KPIs. 

MAUS Virtual CFO

Instantly audit your company’s financial health with the perfect financial analysis audit software tool. 

Human Resources Software

MAUS Job Description

The MAUS Job Descriptions software utilises over 3800 sample descriptions for you to download.

MAUS Performance Review

MAUS  Performance Review software will help you create accurate, personalised employee reviews in minutes! 

MAUS HR Profiler

MAUS HR Profiler software will save you countless hours in recruiting new staff and training your existing staff to a higher level of performance. 

HSEQ & Compliance Software

MAUS Quality Assurance

Instantly create your ISO 9001 documentation, written to the latest legislative standard using web-driven software 

MAUS Health & Safety Policies

Instanly create your Workplace Health & Safety policies, procedures & forms in minutes using web-driven software

MAUS HSEQ Management System
New Product!

Automate and systemise your HSEQ systems & processes systems through advanced web-based software

Policies & Procedures Software

MAUS Operational Policies & Procedures

Easily create your Operational/Employee Handbook with our easy-to-use templates and policy writing software 

MAUS HR Policies & Procedures

Instantly create your HR Manual with sample Policies & Procedures based on the latest Fair Work Act inside policy writing software

MAUS Environmental Manual

Instantly create your ISO 14001 documentation, written to the latest legislative standard using policy writing software

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Customer Success Story

“I love it! I have been using the MAUS Compliance software for Consulting for years, implementing it into several businesses including my own. The information covers everything a business needs and more. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to put compliance documentation into a business. Value for money.”

Amanda Howard – HAS Consulting

why MAUS?

As the trusted brand in the industry for over 25 years, MAUS provides the largest range of integrated business management tools under one platform. As a successful business owners/managers, you need to go beyond the numbers and with the MAUS platform you will have the easiest system to strucutre and automate your systems and processes

The MAUS Hub includes a range of tools to improve your businesses performance. With one easy to use system, you can address all your needs including:

  • Business Planning & Strategy
  • Financial and KPI Reporting
  • Human Resources
  • Health & Safety Management
  • ISO Documentation & Compliance

Software trusted by leading brands for over 25 years

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Audit Builder – Completing an audit/inspection

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Audit Builder – Adding a numeric answer

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Audit Builder – Adding a Slider Question

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