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Recommended for users of the Strategy & Financial and HR tools. Ideal for both Consultants and End Users (SMEs).

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The most difficult part of using MAUS successfully is doing something differently than before. Change is always hard becuse few of us know how to shift to different ways of working. Maybe it’s:

  • A skill that we don’t have which prevents greater success
  • Knowledge that’s essential to our success, or
  • an unhelpful behavior that prevents success – and that could be coming from anyone

The MAUS tools is helpful in resolving some of those, but changing our own behaviour is a tough call even for the experts. Even they admit that they love to make changes to everything, but not themselves. But contrary to the prevailing thoughts about change, it doesn’t have to be the silent stalker killing off your business with negativity. Change is the friend that leads to much greater success, especially in the current business landscape, which is constantly changing

Christina Dean
Managing Director, Uniforte Pty Ltd

If change is taking you, your organisation, your people or your community for a nasty ride, then its likely to be managing you. Let me help you take control of change. Together, we’ll identify the risks and manage the issues and you’ll become more successful not just in a current project, but you’ll have learned new skills, knowledge and behaviors that will stay with you for all future changes too. 

Certification Courses for Consultants

Certified Business Advisor (CBA) Program

MAUS provides a range of consultant and advisor certification courses. Designed to educate consultants and advisors on how to offer "best of breed" advisory services and to learn how to build and scale a profitable consulting/advisory practice.

Become a Certified Exit Planning Consultant

Exit Planning is the fastest growing advisory niche. The MAUS Certified ValueMax Advisor course is designed to educate consultants and advisors on how to build a successful advisory practice around an exit and succession theme.

The "One Page Exit Plan" Seminar -
Presented by Peter Hickey

23rd January 2020 - Sydney
This will take people through the "One Page Exit Plan" process and methodology to developing a detailed exit and succession plan in a very simple way.

MAUS Accredited Partner Program

Join the MAUS International Network of Consultants & Advisors

If you want to set up a new consultancy business or add an advisory arm to your accounting practice then this is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way to fast-track your journey.

We train you how to build a profitable consultancy business. You are taught how to use the best of breed “Your Business Success” methodology that can almost guarantee your client’s success! Click the link below to find out more

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