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An all-in-one financial analysis platform to help you make better decisions for your clients

Powerful Reporting

Visual, Interactive Dashboard

Sync data from Xero, QuickBooks or Excel

Conduct an in-depth financial health check in minutes!

The award winning financial analysis software is the perfect financial analysis software tool for performing a comprehensive financial health audit on your client’s business in minutes rather than hours. Easily improve their revenue, profit and cashflow.

The MAUS Virtual CFO tool makes it easy to analyse your clients’ financial and pinpoint strategies to improve cash, increase profit and revenue. 

virtual cfo dashboard
quickbooks xero integration

Import your data from Xero, QuickBooks and Excel

The MAUS platform seamlessly integrates with Xero and QuickBooks to deliver an unparalleled experience to users. You can also import your client’s data through an excel/csv file.

MAUS small medium business software

Communicate to your clients in a language they can understand

Don’t overwhelm your clients in the numbers. The MAUS Virtual CFO software is designed to be produce dashboard and reports that can be read and understood by your clients, no matter their financial education. 

With the Virtual CFO you can clearly educate your clients about their financial inefficiencies and gaps and identify opportunities for improvement. With the imported data you can then perform exciting  what-if scenarios that instantly show you and the client how small changes to profit, revenue and cash drivers can achieve remarkable results. 

Automatically generate your financials into professional reports your clients will love!

MAUS Virtual CFO software will effortlessly compiles your client’s data into white-labelled Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF reports. Easily communicate performance to stakeholders and external parties with professionally generated, easy-to-read reports. With traffic light reporting and stunning graphs your clients will be able to read and more importantly understand their financials. 

monthly accountability kpi report
virtual cfo graphic

Unlock more cash, revenue & cash with in-built 'What If' analysis

The MAUS Virtual CFO software is the perfect financial analysis audit software for performing comprehensive financial health checks on your client’s business. Easily track key indicators on a one page dashboard to measure profit, cash, expense and EBIT against historical data and targets.

No Risk Trial

Our no risk purchase trial gives you peace of mind that if the software doesn’t meet your needs for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

Easy To Use

MAUS utilizes a state of the art Cloud based technology for easy access, usability and efficiency. MAUS Cloud is one simple to use system to automate your business processes and save you hundreds of hours of time.

Over 60,000 Customers

MAUS' award winning software has been around for over 25 years. Produced in Australia, MAUS has served over 60,000 businesses across over 55 countries

Full Customer Support

At MAUS, we nurture our customers to ensure they receive the most effective outcome from our software. Included free in your subscription is access to our onboarding webinars, training demonstrations and Australian-based technical advisors

Award Winning

MAUS is proud to be recognized as Small Business Champion in IT, as well as the Winner of Information Technology at the Australian Small Business awards.

Instant Access

Receive instant access to the range of tools and documentation to help develop and improve your businesses’ processes.

Flexible plans to suite your needs

Whether you are just getting started or already established and looking to take your Advisory services to the next level, we have a plan that suits your needs. All of our plans come with a complete 30 day money back guarantee.

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