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A match made in heaven

Seamlessly sync your Xero data into the MAUS Hub for instant reporting & dashboarding on the important aspects of your business

MAUS software
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Integrate with XERO so you can build a high performance business

MAUS Business systems have been around for over 25 years and have supplied solutions to over 60,000 small to medium businesses over this time. We are incredibly passionate about the solutions we provide, knowing full well what they can achieve for you and your business

MAUS integrates seamlessly with XERO accounting software, allowing small to medium businesses to capture real-life data all in one place so they can stay on top of their business.

The MAUS platform incorporates over 15 applications, providing you with a complete range of business improvements tools addressing multiple facets of your business, including:

What is XERO Accounting?

XERO is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses.

Why use MAUS & XERO together?

Use MAUS and XERO together to automatically report on the most important aspects of your business

How do you link the MAUS Hub to your Xero Account?

Simply login to your MAUS Hub Account, hover over admin and select “Link to Accounting Data”, authenticate your account and your Xero data will automatically integrate into the MAUS Hub.