MAUS Accredited Partner Program – Next Event 11th March 2019, Sydney

Our next 4 day Business Advisory & Consultancy Boot -camp and partner program is filling up.  If you would like a “Ready Made” Business Advisory process where you walk away with the systems, knowledge, tools and confidence to take your Business Advisory practice to the next level then sign up to the partner program.

We have had a great deal of success in helping build successful Business Advisory practices around the world. The next program will be held over 4 days in Sydney.

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If you are sick of re-inventing the wheel and hitting your head against the wall then the solution is simple…call one of our consultants to confidentiality discuss the program and receive more information on 1300 300 586

We will provide you with the marketing material and the confidence  to help you to win new clients. 1-2 clients will give you a complete ROI on the program at the average client fee level.

Suitable for anybody wishing to establish and build a practice or existing advisors that wish to accelerate their practice income. Includes, ex CFOS and Senior Managers as well as Accountancy Practices, Wealth Planners, Bookeepers and M&A experts.

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