MAUS boasts an international network of independent Business Coaches,Consultants, Advisors and Business Brokers who have been trained to the highest levels of expertise in the implementation of the MAUS awardwinning software and the methodologies and concepts behind them.

MAUS has one of the largest networks in the world. MAUS has sold over 10,000 systems to consultants, coaches and business advisors and over 55,000 to SME business owners around the world.

Congratulations to Dale Coutts for winning the MAUS Business Advisor of the year.

Since becoming a MAUS Business Advisor Dale Coutts has been able to  achieve the following.

  • Acquired 8 new clients in the last seven months-all referrals
  • 2 grant projects won
  • Formed a strategic alliance developed with an accountancy firm
  • maintains an average retention of 40 months with each of his clients
  • Ran a direct mail campaign and utilised the MAUS software (consultant navigator-exit strategy, master plan). Resulted in $32,000 worth of work for FKM Global

Peter Hickey (Founder of MAUS) congratulating Dale Coutts.

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