MAUS Accredited Partner – 4 Day Training

As a MAUS Accredited Partner, you will complete an in depth 4-day, face to face training in which you will develop the core competencies that will empower you to become a successful Advisor, Consultant or Coach. The training explores the fundamental skills to establish a new practice or build an existing advisory/consultancy practice.

The MAUS team takes attendees through a range of sessions over the 4 days including:

  • The ins and outs of the MAUS methodology
  • How to build your practice with recurring revenue
  • Understanding lead gen and converting clients
  • How to build your practice with Exit & Succession
  • Establishing an Advisory Board and Group Coaching
  • Understanding marketing and its implementation
  • Utilising the software tools to structure and automate your services

“I have been working as an Accountant advising SME’s for over 20 years. I have been searching for a program that brings everything together for us as Advisors to implement and execute with SME’s. [This program] does it for us”.

Mike Crowley, Mike Crowley & Assoc.

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Summary of Topics Covered

At the end of the program, you will understand how to implement the following processes and programs.

How to setup a coaching and consulting business
How to create recurring revenue in your practice
How to build a 15-page report in less than 25 minutes that will sell your services
What are the 5 greatest mistakes that most consultants make?
Difference between coaching and consulting and how it can add profit to your practice
How to make sure your business is structured for profit
Understanding the secret systems that define a successful practice from an unsuccessful practice
Understanding why your business could fail
How to use the “MAUS Technology” to generate leads
How to use the exit strategy as a means of building profit in your coaching business
How to package your IP
How to create a unique business plan for your practice
Lead generation and marketing processes
How to get leads into your business
How to convert a lead to a meeting
How to convert a client meeting to an assignment
How to use the internet and social media to generate leads for me
How to contact your customers every 20 days even if you are on holidays
How to use the Mini MBA
How to impress the prospect and convert to a client
How to role-play and why it is important in client acquisition
Client processes and programs
How to get a client to sign up for 12-24 months and stay with you
How to increase your charge rate but still offer value to your clients
What to say at your first meeting
What to give and not to give at the first meeting
How much you should charge a client
How to charge your client on value not on hourly rates
What material do I take to each meeting?
How to run a brainstorming workshop
What is your client’s business worth and how can you use this information to help win a new client
How to convert a client meeting to an assignment
What to say and what to sell in your first meeting
How to actually run an assignment using the MAUS processes
How do you run a telephone coaching assignment?
How to understand your client’s exit strategy
Internal processes and positioning


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