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Human Resources Tools

 MAUS Policies & Procedures Manual

RRP $699

Whether your business is large or small, MAUS Policies & Procedures Software will save you an enormous amount of time and money in creating a tailored handbook. MAUS Policies and Procedures software has been developed and reviewed for over 15 years making it a highly relevant and professional solution to formalise your company policies. This is a development of the MAUS Policies & Procedures desktop range.

Fully customise the content.
Easily export documents into pdf/word file they wish.
Client name is fully integrated into the text to save time.
Version control & automatic email notifications to employees.

Winner ‘Editors Choice Award’

“(MAUS) Policies & Procedures Software is a great tool for creating a policies and procedures handbook. A very simple system to use, this is perfect for any business, no matter what size or industry.”
Grant Hymen, G&J Business Servicesstars

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 MAUS Job Descriptions

RRP $699

The MAUS Job Descriptions is the only software that actually writes your job descriptions and advertisements for you! Using exclusive Intelli-Text technology, the software virtually writes and customises the descriptions for you in minutes. It even provides you with the tools to maximise each role how you see fit. This is a development of the MAUS Job Descriptions desktop version.

 Create your own tailored job descriptions in minutes.
 Or choose from a library of over 3,800 position templates.
 Easily export to Microsoft Word, PDF and HTML.

“Very easy to use. MAUS Job Descriptions software saved me an enormous amount of time putting together my job descriptions. It gave my staff a clear, concise document that fully described their role in the business.”.
Barry Worthington, Konica Newcastlestars

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MAUS Performance Review

RRP $699

It is imperative that employees are reviewed using a common system to promote self development and remain aligned to the goals and strategies of the business. The Performance Appraisal app was developed as a way of conducting employee reviews quickly and thoroughly. It allows companies to engage their employees using a secure, easy-to-use system that can be easily customised to suit the management process. Its designed to keep your staff on track with their performance whilst maintaining a strong focus on coaching development and areas to improve on in the future.


A comprehensive list of performance elements such as Job Knowledge, Judgment, Co-operation, Communication, Attendance and much more.
The ability to rate employee performance in each area on a simple five-point scale.
Software that writes clear, effective text to reinforce the employee’s strong points and address areas that need improvement.
Intelli-Text technology, so you can be confident that the language in your reviews will be clear, meaningful and effective. Simply add performance elements and edit.
The option to review the end result and add any final edits.

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MAUS HUB Performance Review Software
“Supplies a foundation for implementing a comprehensive performance management system that aligns individuals, teams, business unit and organisational goals.”
Peter Scougall, Telstra Australiastars

HR Consultant’s Pack

Save 50-90% of the time to form HR manuals

NOW ONLY $1999!

MAUS HR Policies Manual comes complete with sample policies and procedures that you can use, in addition to important forms for employee inductions and payroll. To update your HR Policies, simply open the document that needs changing and you can make the appropriate changes without having to retype the entire document! The flexibility of the software provides the user with full customisation options.

Why re-invent the wheel?

The MAUS HR Consultants Pack is the quickest and most effective way to produce a complete set of HR documentation based on Fair Work Act Legislation to help your clients improve their current people systems.

You have created the plan, now its time to implement it with
continuing revision. But how?….MAUS gives you the web based platform (MAUS Hub) to establish a profitable recurring relationship with your clients aimed at ensuring each strategy is managed and implemented right through to the bottom line.

Create unlimited HR manuals & staff forms for unlimited clients

Receive a license that gives you the copyrights to legally use the software as a consultant and on-sell the Intellectual property (IP). No restrictions, generate unlimited HR documentation for unlimited clients based on Fair Work Standards. 100+ Sample templates and forms to use. Simply type in your clients information, your practice details and let the software do all the hard work for you!


Version Control & Audit Trailing

Track your continual improvements. The software contains automatic document control functionality. This means as you modify your clients policies and procedures, they are numbered with a revision and stored in a history audit trail.


Enhance your perceived value

Once you have written your clients HR manual , you can provide them with a simple and easy to use online human resource management system called the ‘MAUS Hub’ to help manage their business and employees. Deliver even more value as part of your practice!

Its a complete system for managing training, weekly priorties and improving accountability for small-medium business. Your clients can easily navigate through each of the modules and brand the system with their business name and logo.


Why the MAUS Hub – affordability, user friendliness and integration

We tried to create an online management system that would not intimidate the average small to medium sized business. But we have also developed for the advisor an easy client roll-out and management system. Modules can be easily switched on and off depending on the client needs.

The system recently won the ‘2013 Best Software Product’ at the Australian Business Awards in its industry classification. The Australian Business Award for Best Software Product recognises market-leading software products that demonstrate overall product superiority offering a point of difference from their competitors.

2013 Best Software Product

Easily manage all your clients on an ongoing profitable basis

The MAUS Hub includes a ‘Consultants Module’ which gives you special access to a client management system. This will add tremendous value to both you and those clients of yours that do use the online system, as this will ensure you can considerably improve the overall service you offer these clients. It will help you to:

  • Maintain and update your clients system’s & documentation online when required by your practice at the click of a button.
  • Click on any client and it will automatically open up their system and show you their results, performances and activities.
  • Maintain a consultants library of templates for all types of manuals, risk assessments, training and more.
  • Create your own types of audit questionnaires that you or your clients can then easily complete using a laptop, an iPad or similar handheld device.


Client / Consultant Branding

Brand your documentation and plans with your practice and client’s information, including logos, colours, contact details, etc. You can even export into Microsoft Word format for full customisation flexibility.


Microsoft Excel template of the Client Manual so you can obtain data easily

You don’t have to be face to face with your prospect / client to obtain required data. You can easily export documentation in an excel sheet from the software and then email to your client. They can fill it in – it’s very user friendly to complete. Once it is returned to you, simple import the file with a click of a button and the software updates the client manual automatically with all the data.

Policy Acknowledgement & Compliance Tracking

Acknowledgement of policies is a vital component of business compliance. Using an interactive email notification system you will be able to log all communications between clients and track who has signed off on policies & procedures.

Live Online Training for you and your clients

MAUS provides all consultant pack users with a number of comprehensive online training sessions with a qualified trainer to help you to get started. We also have seperate end user training sessions each week that you can offer to your clients on behalf of your consultancy. We also have marketing material that you can place on your website all included within the pack. During the online training we will teach you:

  • How to register your own Consultants software
  • The methodology behind the system and how to effectivDepositphotos_7274230_originalely use it
  • How to engage your clients and identify keys areas of improvement
  • How to build your clients system
  • Advising your clients the training available from MAUS
  • How to identify ongoing services for your clients.

Summary of Features

The Consultants Pack includes the following modules:

  • Document writing software containing pre-configured Fair Work Act sample policies and forms that you can auto update with your practice and client’s information, including logos, colours, contact details, etc. This software has full version control and more.
  • An online human resource management system called the ‘MAUS Hub’ which you can provide to unlimited clients with unique user access and security permissions FREE for 12 months. This can also become a recurring revenue stream for your practice. We will provide you with a commission of 20% on all client sales if your client renews their 12 month subscription which is a fixed fee of only $499 a year.
  • Access to an online client management system for your consultancy business which can be used to maintain and update your clients system’s & documentation online when required by your practice. You can click on any client and it will automatically open up their software and show you their results and performance. You can also add, edit or delete documents for your clients at the click of a button.
  • Marketing Material consisting of product brochures, banners, logos and web-diagnostics for your website to entice potential clients to trial your services.