Previously known as OH&S Planner. In light of the Harmonisation legislation introduced on January 1st, we have developed H&S Planner to be based on the current WH&S and Harmonisation regulations. It is now available!

MAUS H&S Planner will help you develop your health and safety policies and procedures. Develop WH&S documentation for your business quickly, easily and with credibility with our affordable powerful software program.

Comprehensive and easy to understand, MAUS H&S Planner will guide you step by step on how to create a WH & S document that is based on Harmonisation legislation. This includes sections on management of risk in the workplace, accident and incident reporting, emergency procedures, the WH&S consultative process, general safety policies, safety performance monitoring, safety inspections, safety in the office and a comprehensive selection of Health and Safety templates and forms.

More than just a customisable manual that can be adapted to any business, Health and Safety Planner is actually a system for WH&S compliance with many powerful, time and money saving features that make your business safer, more efficient and more credible.

MAUS H&S Planner 2012 is available to trial or purchase here. MAUS customers who have already purchased H&S Planner 2011 this year in January, February or March are eligible for a free upgrade to the 2012 WH&S version. Contact us here.

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