For immediate release. September 16 2016, Las Vegas, USA

MAUS announced the launch of the new ValueMax V2 software program at the Exit Planning Institute’s annual conference in Las Vegas, USA. Over 100 accountancy firms, wealth advisors and general advisory practices were in attendance at the prestigious Exit Planning Institute Summit in Las Vegas, USA where V2 of the product was unveiled to the US market.

Peter Hickey, CEO of MAUS Business Systems, was impressed with the rave reviews of many of the firms that viewed the Exit Planning Suite.

As background, MAUS launched the world’s first Exit & Succession planning software product for advisors in 2003/4 and since then MAUS has constantly revolutionized this field. Peter Hickey, the innovator of the product and methodology, recognized that baby boomers were making up a significant portion of business owners and would need to retire and exit the business in large numbers over the coming years. The problem was that most business owners were ill equipped to go through the transition. Peter wanted to create a methodology that was simple to use and implement that Advisors could use with Business Owners.


The new version of the Exit and Succession Planning Suite of tools combines a Business Owner and a Business Readiness methodology into a visual 4 quadrant grid. The Advisor then using the visual stimulus works a plan with the Business Owner to move them to the 4th Quadrant which is defined as a…

  1. Best in class business that is ready for exit;
  2. Where the business owner has prepared for the transition emotionally;
  3. And from a financial and personal risk assessment.

The quadrant analysis is represented by the ValueMax Score and Gap Analysis.


Peter Hickey is the president of the Australian chapter of the Exit Planning Institute and founder of the award-winning brand MAUS Business Systems. MAUS is already one of the market leaders in the supply of advisory tools, specifically in exit and succession planning, and MAUS has been working in close association with the Exit Planning Institute to create a best practice framework for all advisors to follow.

Peter attended the Exit Planning Institute Summit, which he was asked to speak at, and officially launched ValueMax V2 in front of leading US advisors in this space. The easy to use product generated a lot of excitement and was seen as a major breakthrough.



Committed to serving the needs of business owners around the globe, The Exit Planning Institute (EPI) consists of an elite group of professional advisors, providing interactive education and professional development training for professionals worldwide. With certification programs available along with strategic tools, the team at EPI is dedicated to enhance the exit planning vision.

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