MAUS Stock Price Data Subscription Changes

You may have noticed that your MAUS down loader has recently stopped downloading price data, and is showing an error message.

Recently MAUS has switched its third party provider for our stock market data down loader service.

This will not affect the service, cost or expiry date of any of our current Live price data/data downloader subscribers, in fact you will even notice some improvements with the new service.


Features of the New MAUS Stock Data Downloader

  • The price downloader is now built directly into the stockmarket plus software, streamlining the process and saving you time when getting your daily or live price data
  • You can now download international and hybrid stock prices directly into the software. (Some restrictions apply).

The reason for this change is due to our original 3rd party supplier having recently ceased trading. You may receive a letter in relation to this soon. This letter is referring to our supplier, not MAUS Business Systems.

If you have any questions regarding your current data subscription or if you are a stockmarket Plus user and would like to use our data downloader service please contact the MAUS team on 1300 300 586, or email


To see the MAUS Data Downloader Webpage: Click Here


About MAUS

MAUS Business Systems is a leading publisher of innovative management software and learning programs targeted to the small to medium sized business sector. It publishes one of the largest ranges of management software titles in the world. These multi – award winning business tools are now being used by more than 60,000 companies around the globe. The company also develops nationally accredited training programs and has sold resources to educational institutions such as universities and tertiary educational centers around the world.

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