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teams, business unit and
organisational goals

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HR Suite

HR Suite

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The MAUS HR Suite is the complete HR package designed to provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to establish a streamlined approach to performance management.


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Employee Performance Review
Employee Performance Appraisal Software

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MAUS Performance Review Software does the hard work for you!

Employees are your greatest expense but also your greatest asset. It is imperative that employees are reviewed using a common system to promote self development and remain aligned to the goals and strategies of the business. Systemised employee reviews allow both the employer and employee to have a clear sense of direction and accomplishment.

Quick and easy to use

MAUS Performance Review software will help you create accurate, personalised employee reviews in minutes! Regular employee reviews will help you to maintain a happy, productive and motivated team.

Choose from the dozens of performance criteria included in Performance Review those that are important in your operation. Things such as initiative, leadership, problem solving ability, and sales name just a few!

Next, use the simple 1-5 grading system to rank your employee in each area. Performance Review will then support your ratings with clear, effective text. ... It's that fast. It's that easy!

Automatic text generation of appraisals - its quick and easy!

MAUS Performance review software will generate fully formatted employee reviews in half the time. It is designed to be used quickly and easily during your performance review process, right there and then. Our exclusive Intelli-text technology automatically creates your performance review in a clear and natural manner. Simply move a slider along a scale of 1 to 5 to rate your employee on a particular skill or competency. Depending on what rating you chose, Intelli-text automatically inserts on the review document.

Scalability for growth in your business

As your business grows it becomes vital that you maintain the quality of your employees. MAUS Performance Review provides a comprehensive solution to a critical management task. Creating accurate, effective employee reviews will allow you to take better control and uphold the value of your most important asset - your employees!30day

360 degree performance reviews

MAUS Performance review software caters for a 360 Degree Performance Review. Self reviews, peer reviews and/or management reviews are possible.

Clear and concise performance reviews

Clear, concise reviews play a vital role in maintaining employee relationships and monitoring employee performance. MAUS Performance Review Software provides managers, business owners and human resource professionals with a simple yet practical tool to develop professional employee reviews instantly!

Key Benefits of MAUS Performance Review Software:

  • Write accurate, personalised reviews in minutes.
  • Save time at every stage of the review process.
  • Record day to day problems and achievements as they happen.
  • Create clear, natural text flows.
  • Choose from dozens of performance criteria.
  • Receive expert advice and assistance at the touch of a button.

At the click of a button, MAUS Performance Review Software will provide you, a business leader, with:

  • A comprehensive list of performance elements such as Job Knowledge, Judgment, Co-operation, Communication, Attendance and much more.
  • The ability to rate employee performance in each area on a simple five-point scale.
  • Software that writes clear, effective text to reinforce the employee's strong points and address areas that need improvement.
  • Intelli-Text technology, so you can be confident that the language in your reviews will be clear, meaningful and effective. Simply add performance elements and edit.
  • The option to review the end result and add any final edits.

Who should use MAUS Performance Review?

Anybody who is in charge of employees. Whether it be two or two hundred, every manager's aim should be to maintain high levels of both productivity and efficiency. The easiest and most cost effective way of addressing these issues is to provide sufficient feedback for your employees for them to be motivated and live up to expectations. These expectations are clearly emphasised in a performance review. Additionally, because written congratulations are one of the most tangible motivators, the "feel-good" benefits last much longer. If you fall under any of the following areas, you should seriously consider this fantastic new tool:

  • Managing Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Supervisors Production Managers
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Managers
  • Proprietors Divisional Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Team Leaders

Key Benefits of MAUS Performance Review:

  • Write employee reviews in minutes.
  • Save 50-90% of the time to write employee reviews.
  • Record ongoing achievements.
  • Accurate, personalised reviews.
  • Clear, natural text flows.

Cloud Based Performance Appraisal System
We also sell a cloud based system called the MAUS Hub that contains a Performance Appraisal module. It’s part of a plug and play series of modules that feed from the same employee database. It’s more of a complete system for reviewing employees and creating accountability in small businesses. It recently won the 2013 best software product at the Australian Business Awards in its industry classification.  
Full details can be found here.

Product Tour
View some quick screen shots of performance Review.
free trial
FREE Evaluation. Try a FREE limited feature version of Performance Review for 30 days.
Buy It Now
30 Day Purchase trial.
Get your copy of Performance Review within 10 minutes! It's risk free with the MAUS 30 day satisfaction guarantee

Performance Review Software - Professional Version

Professional Edition is ideal for Business Owners with less than 15 Employees.
Includes; Includes 1 license and 1 Manager login

Additional Employees - $N/A
Additional Managers $N/A

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Price: $299

Performance Review Software - Enterprise Version

Perfect for a small to medium company with 1 manager. Allows for 180/360 degree reviews. Can be installed on a server. 15 Licenses
Includes; unlimited employee creation, 15 employee user logins and 1 manager.
Additional Employees - $29
Additional Managers $N/A

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Price: $499

Performance Review Software - Enterprise Gold Version

Perfect for a Medium sized company with up to 5 managers and up to 50 employees. Allows for 180/360 degree reviews. Can be installed on a server. 50 Licenses
Includes; unlimited employee creation, 50 employee user logins and 5 managers.
Additional Employees $29
Additional Managers $249

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Price: $999

Performance Review Enterprise Gold Software - Unlimited

Perfect for a medium to large company with complete flexibility. Allows for 360 degree reviews. Can be installed on a server.
Includes; unlimited employees, unlimited managers and unlimited logins.
Contact MAUS Business Systems for a quote on 1300 300 586

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Price: POA