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(MAUS) Policies &
Procedures Software is a
great tool for creating a
policies and procedures
handbook. A very simple
system to use, this is
perfect for any business,
no matter what size or
Grant Hyman
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HR Suite

MAUS Policies & Procedures Bundle Pack

Save 50-90% of the time and align everyone in the company with the mechanics of your business! This bundle will help you to create effective policies and procedures in a fraction of the time. With these three products, you will have the complete package designed to provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to establish a streamlined approach to implementing your company policies. A “must have” bundle that will improve productivity and communication, morale and compliance to legislation.

$499 Professional pack
1 policy manual, 1 license. Includes:
MAUS Policies & Procedures Manual (RRP $299)
MAUS HR Policies (RRP $499)
MAUS Business Toolkit (RRP $299)

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Policies & Procedures Manual Software

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Prepare comprehensive Policies & Procedures in 50-90% of the time!


Whether your business is large or small, MAUS Policies & Procedures Software will save you an enormous amount of time and money in creating a tailored handbook. MAUS Policies and Procedures manual has been developed and reviewed for over 15 years making it a highly relevant and professional solution to formalise your company policies. The new MAUS Policies & Procedures Software now incorporates procedures, workflow documents and business forms into one comprehensive reference manual.

This increases the flow of communication between departments and divisions and ensures that staff at all levels are provided with clear procedural information.

Please note we also have separate legislative specific products. See the following links;

Health and safety specific, Quality Assurance Specific, Fair Work Specific, Environmental specific.

Easily build your manual from over 90 policies authored by industry experts!

With over 15 years of expert revisions and input, MAUS Policies & Procedures manual software is a highly relevant platform to get your business procedures created and communicated. This software will help you to develop clearly defined policies that will increase productivity. They provide employees with a reference source on many operational questions, allowing staff to make faster decisions while complying with company guidelines.

Save 50-90% of the time to create your policies and procedures manual

This software comes with a readymade policy and procedure manual that you can use as the foundation of your manual. Simply edit or add to the manual to make it specific to your business! You could have a manual ready to go in minutes.

Customise your manual based on your objectives

Whether you need to make an operations manual to systemise your business, or an induction manual for new employees, MAUS Policies and Procedures software is suitable for you. Suitable for all industries, MAUS Policies & Procedures Software additionally comes complete with over 90 customisable sample policies and procedures.

At a click of a button, MAUS Policies & Procedures Software provides you with:

  • A dynamic resource library to create and store your own customised policies and procedures.
  • Instant access to over 90 sample policies and procedures.
  • An easy to use document creation wizard.
  • A comprehensive range of instant reports on the status of your policies and procedures.
  • The ability to add company specific details to your manual such as a logo.

Who Should Use MAUS Policies & Procedures Software?

Top 3 reasons many of our customers invest in Policies & Procedures software;

1 - Increasing accountability amongst staff,
2 - Detailed operations or staff induction manual to reduce inefficiencies,
3 - Systemising and "cleaning up" the business.
4 - In a management or supervisory position and are looking to ensure the smooth operation of your business.

This software is ideal for both small and large organisations. Users of this software include: Managing Directors, Human Resource Managers, Marketing Managers, CEOs, Senior Managers, Operations Managers, Sales Managers and Product Managers.

How will this product and implementing policies and procedures help you to be successful?


THE NEW COMPLIANCE MODULE which is available in the more advanced versions will keep a log of all policy changes and allow you to review each policy history. The version numbers are automatically incremented with any changes made to the policies. The program will also automatically email the policies to your employees (or client employees, in the case of the consultants version).

The program will generate a traffic light report that will display every employee in your organisation and mark with a green or red graphic whether they have indicated that they comply to the policy.

Key Benefits of MAUS Policies & Procedures Software:

  • Promotes better organisational communication and reduced inefficiencies.
  • Creates easily understandable goals and guidelines for operating your business.
  • Saves 50-90% of the time normally taken to complete a policies manual.
  • Increases employee productivity through clearly defined procedures.
  • Suitable for any organisation or industry.

free trial
FREE Evaluation. Try a FREE limited feature version of Policies and Procedures for 30 days.
Buy It Now
30 Day Purchase trial.
Get your copy of Policies and Procedures within 10 minutes! It's risk free with the MAUS 30 days satisfaction guarantee.

Policies & Procedures Manual Professional

Professional Edition is ideal for Business Owners who need to create only one Policies & Procedures Manual. Includes unlimited manual complilation and editing (can be compiled and edited unlimited times), Policy Wizard, 90 Sample Policies, Export to Word, PDF & HTML. Includes 1 computer license

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Price: $299

Policies & Procedures Manual Professional GOLD

Professional Gold Edition is ideal for any business that needs to create one or more Policies & Procedures Manuals with version control and history audit trails. Plus all the features of the professional edition. Includes 2 computer licences.

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Price: $499

Policies & Procedures Manual Premium

The Enterprise Edition is ideal for Business Owners who need to create one or more Policies & Procedures Manuals with version control and history audit trails.

This version includes export import functionality which is great for multiple staff authoring purposes. It allows installation on server with multiple users. It also has a feature to automatically email staff the policies once they are created.

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Price: $999

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